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1[The World of Armor -Special Edition-]

So! You want to hear about the latest in armor crafting, huh!? Very well then! Just for you G-Level hunters out there, I'm going to spill the beans on the newest in crafting technology.

2Remember how I said there are 4 Armor Series? Well, there are 2 new G-Level Armor Series now, bringing the total up to 6. Crafting G-Level armor requires some very rare materials and the latest technological innovations. New armors are being researched daily, but the two new series are the X- and Z- series.
3The X-Series are a direct improvement on the S-Series, thus it focuses on defense. By upgrading the S-Series armor, you can rest easy knowing its high quality. Sometimes, by using Elder Dragon materials and the like, a piece of armor's appearance may even change.
4Z-Series armor uses U-Series armor as its base and improves them using S-Series crafting technology. Thus, Z-Series have the protective power of S-Series armor plus the added slots and skills of U-Series armor. But most of them require materials from subspecies of the monsters, so they're not easy to make, I'm afraid.
5The one thing the new series have in common is just as with the S-Series, you can change the color of your armor. But even this feature has been improved upon. You can now change the color completely at will, making super-minor adjustments to the color as you see fit. This is the perfect addition for all you hipsters out there!
6Furthermore, there may not be a lot of them, but the X- and Z-Series have a few skills that are exclusive to them. Some special monsters have a few rare skill, and there are pieces of armor that possess a single skill that, in actuality, is the combination of all of a particular monster's skills. Talk about a useful piece of armor!
7Speaking of upgrading, in order to create X- and Z-Series armor, higher level Armor Spheres are needed. New and improved Armor Spheres have been developed just for this purpose. They can be used to craft new armor, or to improve old armor you may have lying around. The two new Spheres are called 'Royal Armor Spheres' and 'True Armor Spheres'.
8You can get Royal Armor Spheres as a Reward for completing G-Level Quests, or by Combining items. But that requires you to go on some pretty tough Quests. No way around it! They say you can mine for them in some faraway lands. No one knew their worth before, so they were largely untouched. I say what a shame, you know what I mean?
9There's still a lot of research going on about True Armor Spheres. I suppose you can get them in the same ways you get other Spheres, although there's a ton we still don't know about them. What we do know is that they are loaded with potential, so we just have to keep working at it until we find a good technique that can extract it all for us.
10Of course this also affects our crafting research. One day, I'm sure we'll figure out how to make good use of the True Armor Spheres and really improve some armor! My own Master is also hard at work on this. We know the time will come when we'll make a breakthrough that will allow armor to make huge leaps up in Defense and skills.
11In any case, G-Level Quests are about squaring off against some pretty powerful monsters, which means that suddenly, the armor that protects you becomes more important that ever. The road to gathering the materials you will need is tough, but hang in there. Don't be reckless, and eventually you will be able to craft some amazing armor.

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