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MH4: Frozen Seaway Music Theme

MH4U-Frozen Seaway Map

Frozen Seaway Map

Frozen seaway gather points

Gather Points for Frozen Seaway

The Frozen Seaway [1] is a polar area first introduced in Monster Hunter 4. This map is set along an Arctic coastline, where the glacial ice sheets meet the freezing sea. This area is inhabited by a wide variety of monster types, including Lagombi, Kushala Daora, and Zamtrios. A massive whirlpool can be seen in the ocean not far from the coast.


  • In Area 4, up on the cliff, the shed skin of the Kushala Daora can be seen.
  • Hunters are able to climb onto and "hop" between large icicles on the ceiling of Area 6


External Links

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