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Item Name Korean Japanese Chinese How/Where to get Rarity Buy Sell
ItemIcon052c Dandelion? 무지갯빛 민들레 七色たんぽぽ 七色蒲公英 4 -- 150z
ItemIcon039e Ale Nuts 엘너트 エールナッツ 吶喊堅果 Gorge 2-3 Inferior 5% 5 -- 950z
ItemIcon020e Snake Meat 가브리브 로스 ガブリブロース 蛇龍肋排 Mnstr Item:Remobra Inferior43% Upper39% 4 -- 55z

Late year frost?

만년서리 万年霜 萬年霜 4 -- 200z
ItemIcon011a Beautiful Shell? 썩은 용비늘 朽ちた龍鱗 腐朽的龍鱗 5 -- 320z
ItemIcon011a Black Pearl? 강철 용비늘 鋼の龍鱗 鋼龍鱗 5 -- 800z
Birch Cactus? 백화 선인장 百花サボテン 百花仙人掌 combine Cactus Flower + Empty Jar? plant till the pink smoke comes out

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