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BlackSmith's Menu

무기 가공 - Weapon Menu

Superindent무기 생산- Create Weapon

SuperindentSuperindent한손검/쌍검 - Sword & Sheild / Dual Swords

SuperindentSuperindent대검/태도 - Great Sword / Long Sword

SuperindentSuperindent해머/수렵피리 - Hammer / Hunting Horn

SuperindentSuperindent랜스/건랜스 - Lance / Gunlance

SuperindentSuperindent보우건/활 - Bowgun / Bow

Superindent무기 강화 - Upgrade Weapon

Superindent진화 무기 강화 - Evolution Upgrade Weapon?

Superindent강화g 추출 - Rotta?

방어구 가공 - Armor Menu

Superindent방어구 생산 - Create Armor

SuperindentSuperindent머리장비 - Head

SuperindentSuperindent몸통장비 - Chest

SuperindentSuperindent팔장비 - Arms

SuperindentSuperindent허리장비 - Waist

SuperindentSuperindent>다리장비 - Legs

Superindent방어구 강화 - Upgrade Armor

장식품 | Decorations

Superindent장식폼 생산 - Create Decoration

Superindent장식폼 장착 - Attach decoration

Superindent장식폼 회수 - Remove Decoration

스킬 커프 - Special Decorations

Superindent스킬 커프 생산 - Create Decoration

Superindent스킬 커프 장착 - Attach decoration

Superindent스킬 커프 회수 - Remove Decoration

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