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In the Monster Hunter series you are always given a companion of some sort. In Frontier this companion is called a Rasta, from HR1 ~ HR11 you start with the Newbie Rasta which most find annoying since it never stops talking to you. However once you reach HR12 you can receive a Rasta from a friend or Guild mate. This is done inside the Tavern with one of the Rasta Vendors.

설명 듣기 - Info

맛보기 라스터 계약 - Get Trial Rasta (Will terminate your current Rasta!!)

라스터 계약 상황 확인 - Check Current Rasta Contract

라스터 기능 개방 - Customize Rasta

Superindent무기종류 개방 - Monster List to open new weapons

SuperindentSuperindent개방에 필요한 수렵 수주 - Select Boss to hunt

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent벨큐로스 - Berukyurosu *7

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent히프노크 희소종 - Azure Hypnocatrice *7

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent카무 . 올가론 - Kamu Orugaron *7

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent노노 . 올가론 - Nono Orugaron *7

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent에스피나스 아종 - Orange Espinas *5

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent아크라·바심 - Akura Vashimu *5

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent파리아푸리아 - Pariapuria *5

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent라쟌 - Rajang *8

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent볼가노스 - Lavasoith *3

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent리오래이아 - Rathian *2

SuperindentSuperindent개방할 무기종류 선택 - Unlock Weapon

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent한손검 개방 - Sword & Sheild

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent쌍검 개방 - Dual Swords

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent대검 개방 - Great Sword

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent태도 개방 - Long Sword

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent해머 개방 - Hammer

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent수렵피리 개방 - Hunting Horn

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent랜스 개방 - Lance

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent건랜스 개방 - Gun Lance

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent라이트보우건 개방 - Light Bowgun

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent헤비보우건 개방 - Heavy Bowgun

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent활 개방 - Bow

Superindent장비LV 개방 - Upgrades Armor and Weapon Levels

SuperindentSuperindent무기LV 개방 - Upgrade Weapon Lvl

SuperindentSuperindent방어구LV 개방 - Upgrade Armor Lvl

Superindent아이템 대출 - Give Items

SuperindentSuperindent분진 세트 - Potions

SuperindentSuperindent피리 세트 - Flutes

SuperindentSuperindent투척나어프 세트 - Daggers

SuperindentSuperindent함장 세트 - Traps

라스터 동헹 (허용) - Current Rasta

라스터 계약 해지 - Terminate Rasta

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