(Picture to be added) In your Gallery you have a box that holds your furniture, Once you enter your gallery you press the number 3 (Not on the numpad) to enter edit mode. You will know you are in edit mode by the green foot prints now on the floor. You navigate your camera view through the room using W,S,A,D for Forward, Left,Back,and Right respectively, and 7,9,/,* For camera turning left, turning right, tilting up, tilting down respectively. You can also raise the camera and lower the camera using Control and F. Heading to the Box in the room Right click on it and you will be presented with the following menu.

Gallery Box Menu

가구 꺼내기 - Remove From Box

가구 버리기 - Delete From box (Does NOT Sell item! It simply Deletes it!)

레이아웃 둥록 - Save Current Layout (You can save up to two layouts.)

레이아웃 불러오기 - Load Layout

둥록된 레이아웃 삭제 - Delete Layout

레이아웃 저장하기 - Rotta? (Something to do with Layouts)

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