Your Cat Farm


Each time you complete a quest you can go to your Cat Farm and select one option from the cat who sits on the giant stump. Stand in front of him and select your Accept Key (By default it is the letter E) And you will be given a menu:

Cat Farm Menu

물뿌리기 - Herbs (Plants, Mushrooms ) Associated Tool: Sprinkling Can

청소 - Cleaning ( Husks, Bones ) Associated Tool: Broom

고기곱기 - Meat ( Cooks Meat, and Jewels ) Associated Tool: Alcohol

채굴 - Mining ( Various Ores ) Associated Tool: Pickaxe

벌레 돌보기 - Bugs (Bugs, Fluids ) Associated Tool: Net

먀옹절임던지 - Pickle Jar ( Put Items in Jars {e.g. Iron Ore} ) Associated Tool: Water Can

진귀한 물건 - Rare/Junk ( Boomarangs, Mega Pickaxe, Mega BugNet, Dung ) Associated Tool: None


To the left of the Cat you will find your Farm Tools Which are purchased from the Furniture Vendor outside in the square. Each tool has a specified number of uses. When the uses have run out you will easily be able to tell by looking here. If you stand in front of your tools and press your Accept Key You can see more detailed information about your Farm. Including the level of each Farm area and the number of uses remaining on each tool.

FarmTool Stats

You will want to keep an eye on this as you work your farm so that you know which section needs upgrading and which tool may need to be purchased next. You may only buy one tool per section at a time. You must then wait for that tool to be completely used up before you may purchase another tool for that area.

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