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To access this menu press Esc This will be your main menu when in quest or when in town. You can manipulate your items and your options through this menu.

아이템 - Look at Items

조합 - Combine

Superindent2종 조합 - 2 item combine

Superindent3종 조합 - 3 item combine

Superindent조합 목록 - Combine List

퀘스트 상황 - Quest Info

현재 상태 - Current Status

Superindent온라인 마크 - Online Status Marks

SuperindentSuperindent플레이 스타일 - Play Style

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent미설정 - None

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent라이트 유저 - Light User

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent일반 유저 - Ordinary User

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent하드 유저 - Hard Core User

SuperindentSuperindent플레이 예정시간 - Play Time

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent미설정 - None

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent1시간 이하 - Less than 1 hour

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent1시간 이상 - More than 1 hour

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent제한 없옴 - Unlimited Time

SuperindentSuperindent헌터의 번모습 - Hunters RL Career

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent미설정 - None

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent회사원 - Businessman

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent학생 - Student

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent비밀 - Secret

SuperindentSuperindent관심 포인트 - Point's of Interest

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent미설정 - None

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent다른 용무 종 - Kind of Busy

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent솔로 플레리 중 - Solo Player

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent잠깐 자리 비움 - Wait Away

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent오래 자리 비옴 - Long Away

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent...잠수중 - Sleeping

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent게임 패드 없음 - No Game Pad

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent몰래 접속 - Invisible

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent수려단원 모집증! - Calling for Section Hunters

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent수렵단 참가 희망! - Ready for Guild Quests

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent초보자입니다! - Newbie

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent채팅합시다! - Let's Chat

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent옴성 채팅가능! - Voice Chat Available

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent친구와 플레이 증 - Playing with Friends

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent여성 헌터입니다! - Hunter is a Woman

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent친구 모집 증 - Looking for friends

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent가르침을 받습니다! - Needs Teaching

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent가르쳐 드립니다! - Will Teach

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent퀘스트 도와드려요! - Need help on Quest

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindent러브 헌터입니다! - I love hunting

SuperindentSuperindentSuperindentPC방 플레이 증 - PC Cafe Play

Superindent개인 현재 상태 - Current Info

Superindent장비 현재 상태 - Equipment Info

SuperindentSuperindent퀘스트 장비[*] - Quest Equipment

SuperindentSuperindent로비 장비 - City Equipment

Superindent현위치 정보 - Current Location

Superindent몬스터 정보 - Monster Kill Information

커뮤이티 - Community

Superindent친구 목록 - Friends List

Superindent쪽지 - Mail

Superindent공식 사이트 - Official Site

Superindent유저 정보 - User Info(Those in the room with you)

Superindent유저 검색 - User Search

SuperindentSuperindent이름검색 - Name Search

SuperindentSuperindentID 검색 - ID Search

Superindent친구둥록제한 - Friends List Restrictions

SuperindentSuperindent제한하지 않음 - Do not restrict

SuperindentSuperindent제한함 - Restricted(You must authorize others to add you as friend)

Superindent민폐 목록 - Ignore List

Superindent상용구 편집 - Edit Auto Text

수렵단 - Guild

단축키 등록 - Register Shortcuts

옵션 - Options (끄기 - Off, 켜기 - On)

Superindent이름/ID/RP 전환 - Name/ID/RP Switch (이름 - Name)

Superindent진동 기능 - Vibration Function

Superindent볼륨 (음악) - Volume (Music)

Superindent볼륨 (효과음) - Volume (Sound Effects)

Superindent스코프 조작 - Scope Operation (표준-Standard 반전1-Reverse 1 반전2-Reverse2)

Superindent카메라 조작 - Camera Operation (표준-Standard 반전1-Reverse 1 반전2-Reverse2)

Superindent카메라 유형 - Camera Type (유형1-Type1(Default) 유형2-Type2)

Superindent화묜정보 표시 - HUD Display (끄기- Turns next 3 options Off, 켜기- Turns next 3 options On)

Superindent맵 표시 - Show Map

Superindent진행 방향 표시 - Shows small Directional Circle in bottom center of screen

Superindent단축키 표시 - Show F-key shortcuts

Superindent단축키 우형 - Shortcuts Type (유형1-Type1(Default) 유형2-Type2)

Superindent채팅 유형 - Chat Type (유형1-Type1(Default) 유형2-Type2)

Press Z to go to Controller Options


Superindent채팅 배경 투명도 - Chat Background Transparency (낮음-Low 중간-Middle 높음-High)

Superindent채팅 기록 항상 표시 - Always Show Chat History (If you say yes the chat box will not close)

SuperindentNPC이름 표시 - NPC Name Display

Superindent캐릭터 표시 범위 - Character Display Range (넓게-Wide 보통-Usual 좁게-Narrow

Superindent게이지 표시 유형 - Health Gauge Visibility (가변-Variable 고정-Fixed)

Superindent라스터 동행 설정 - Set Rasta to join quest (허용-Join 금지-Do not join)

Superindent방향 지정 유형 - Type of Orientation (유형1-Type1(Default) 유형2-Type2)

게임 종료 - Logout

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