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Quest Key

Hunt Type
Hunt(Slay or Capture) 수렵 ハントは 狩獵
Slay 토벌 スレイ 討伐
Capture 포흭 キャプチャ 捕獲
Deliver 납품 配信 上繳

Winter 한랭기 ウィンター 寒冷期
Spring-Breeding 번식기 春の繁殖 繁殖期
Summer 온난기 サマー 溫暖期


English Korean Japaneses Chinese
Jungle 밀림 密林 密林
Desert 사막 砂漠 砂漠
Swamp 늪지 沼地 沼地
Mountains 설산 雪山 雪山
Volcano 화산 火山 火山
Great Forest 숲과 언덕 森丘 森丘
Rain Forest 수해 樹海 樹海
Arena 투기장 闘技場 闘技場
Fire Arena 결전장 決戦場 大闘技場
Castle Charade 슈레이드성 シュレイド城
Town 돈도르마 戦闘街 戦闘街
Top Of Rain Forest 樹海頂部
Valley/Canyon/Gorge 峡谷 峡谷

Useful Links

Useful Links
Korean Character Creation Page
Frontier Monster List
Frontier Item List
Frontier Monster Item List

Translating Monsters

Image# English Korean Japanese Chinese
#1 Gypceros 게료스
#2 1 1마리
#3 Capture 포흭

This is a quest with Multiple requirements for the main quest. First we will look at the Monster that we are asked to Hunt. #1 is the name of our Monster #1 We then take this name and look up the monster by finding it on the Frontier Monster List. This is a Gypceros.

Next we see #2 which is how many of that particular monster we are asked to find. #2 In some cases the number will be written as it is below: 2개 Just make note of the first character in this case we are asked to find 1 Gypceros.
Lastly is how it wishes for us to deal with the Gypceros. In this case: #3 which means Capture. Make sure to note this. Since if you kill this Gypceros you WILL Fail the quest.
So for a quest to find a monster we read the Line in the following order: 3 - 2 - 1: Capture, 1, Gypceros

Translating Delivery

Image# English Korean Japanese Chinese
#1 Soot Stone 잿빛 수정원석
#2 2 2게
#3 Deliver 납품

The next portion of the main quest is to (#3) deliver something. To figure out what that is we need to look up the item on either the Frontier Item List Or the Frontier Monster Item List

Always start with the item list as most times you will be required to deliver items. However keep in mind that sometimes you will be asked to deliver Monster Parts in which case the second link will be where you find the item.
(#1) when we look this item up on the Frontier Item List we find it is a Soot stone.
So when reading a Deliver request we read in the following order: 3 - 2 - 1: Deliver, 2, Soot Stones

Translating Season and Time

Season TimeLookup
Image# English Korean Japanese Chinese
#1 Spring-Breeding 번식기
#2 Night

When Translating the Season and Time of day we first must look in the top right corner and be sure we are on page 4 of the quest info. This is where the season and time are located. Then we simply look at #1 which is the season / #2 Time of day.

Using the chart located at the top of this page we can then easily translate this to Spring-Breeding at Night.

End of Quest

Any time you receive items you will be given this menu. These are your choices:

Receive ItemsMenu

In Conclusion the above quest is to Capture 1 Gypceros AND Deliver 2 Soot Stones During Spring at Night.

Urgent Quest

Please Confirm

The "Guild Master" carries only below HR 99 quests after that you must use the second option when looking at the wanted board to receive your urgent quest. Then you have a choice to Do a quest in order to HR up or Pay Zenny. For HR 100 the Cost is 1,000,000z, for HR 600 the cost is 7,000,000z.

Hunter Rank Hunt Type Monster Name Special Condition
English Korean Japanese Chinese
10-11 Kill Daimyo Hermitaur 다이묘자자미 ダイミョウザザミ 大名蟹
16-17 Kill Blangonga 도도브랑고 ドドブランゴ 雪獅子王
30-31 Kill Shen Gaoren 쉔가오렌 シェンガオレン 砦蟹
40-41 Kill Yama Tsukami 야마츠카미 ヤマツカミ 浮岳龍
50-51 Kill Fatalis 미라보레아스 ミラボレアス (黒龍) 黑龍
99-100 Kill Rathian 리오레이아 リオレイア 雌火龍 Solo/Any Rank
199-200 Kill Rathalos 리오레우스 リオレウス 火龍 Solo/Any Rank
299-300 Kill Diablos 디아브로스 ディアブロス 角龍 Solo/Any Rank
399-400 Kill Kirin 키린 キリン 麒麟 Solo/Any Rank
499-500 Kill Lunastra 나나·테스카토리 ナナ・テスカトリ 炎妃龍 Solo/Any Rank
599-600 Kill Kushala Daora 쿠샬다오라 クシャルダオラ 鏽龍 Solo/Any Rank
699-700 Kill Akantor 아캄트룸 アカムトルム 霸龍 Solo
799-800 Kill Solo
899-900 Kill Crimson Fatalis 미라보레아스(홍룡) ミラボレアス (紅龍) 赤黑龍 Solo
999 Kill White Fatalis 미라보레아스(조룡) ミラボレアス (祖龍) Solo

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