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Important ! Important

Only the best/common method of obtaining an item is listed under "Notes/Remarks/Location".
Just because an item is listed as being found in "Area Jungle" does NOT mean that it is the only way.

  • The items are numbered and not related to the game or any kind. It's numbered for tracking purposes only for this site.
  • The tables are divided for easy editing and quick load times.
  • Please contribute if you got any other info specially the "English" translation of this items
  • Excel version of the list is uploaded if you like to help. You can just add it directly or give a copy of your excel update and
    I'll add it in if you wish. You can also use the .xml for any MHFO projects other than this page.

DOWNLOAD XML VERSION: Materials Search Database Aug 30.xml

1 ~ 500

501 ~ 1000

1001 ~ 1500

1501 ~ 2000

2001 ~ 2500

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