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Area & Locations

Mazepolta Square
Mazepolta Square

Hunter Group/Guild
MHFO Hunter Group

Parone Caravan
Caravan GATE2Caravan

The Interface

Members Window

Members Details Window

Weapon Type Korean Japanese Chinese
ItemIcon034 Sword And Shield 한손검 片手劍 單手劍
ItemIcon035 Dual Sword 쌍검 双剣 雙劍
Great Sword Icon White Great Sword 대검 大剣 大劍
ItemIcon048 Long Sword 태도 太刀 太刀
ItemIcon057 Hammer 해머 ハンマー
ItemIcon032 Hunting Horn 수렵피리 狩猟笛 狩獵笛
ItemIcon030 Lance 랜스 ランス 長槍
ItemIcon059 Gunlance 건랜스 ガンランス 銃槍
ItemIcon046 Light Bowgun 라이트보우건 ライトボウガン 輕弩
ItemIcon031 Heavy Bowgun 헤비보우건 ヘビィボウガン 重弩
ItemIcon042 Bow

Pearl Hunter Description
Orb blue Blue
Orb brown Brown
Orb cyan Cyan
Orb green Green
Orb pink Pink
Orb white White
Orb yellow Yellow
Orb various Blinking

Type Description
MHFO fire blue
MHFO fire red
MHFO member detail pane icon2 Hunter Group/Guild Player displayed next to its name is in your Hunting Group/Guild.
MHFO member detail pane icon3 Alliance Member Player displayed next to its name is in your Hunting Alliance.
MHFO member detail pane icon1 Friend Player displayed next ot it's name is in your friend's list.

Messenger Window

Type Description/Message Reach
MHFO messenger icon World All
MHFO messenger icon (1) World You At
MHFO messenger icon (2) Hunter Group/Guild
MHFO messenger icon (3) Alliance
MHFO messenger icon (4) Party
MHFO messenger icon (5) Private
MHFO messenger icon (6) @here


F1: Nice to meet you. F2: Let's do our best. F3: Good job! F4: Cheers for good work.
よろしくお願いします 頑張りましょう グッジョブ! お疲れ様でした
請多多關照 一起努力 做得好 大家辛苦了
F5: Thank you very much. F6: Your welcome. F7: I'm sorry. F8: Don't mind it!
ありがとうございます どういたしまして ごめんなさい ドンマイ!
謝謝 不用客氣 對不起 沒關係
F9: Kill? F10: Capture? F11: Slow down? F12: I understand.
討伐しませんか? 捕獲しませんか? のんびりやりませんか? 了解しました
要不要討伐 要不要捕獲 休閒狩獵可以不 瞭解


F1: I'm in danger. F2: Please help. F3: Run away fast. F4: Strength exhausted.
ピンチです 援護お願いします 退避して下 さい 力尽きました
危險 掩護就靠你了 快躲開 力量用盡了
F5: Sleeping mnstr. F6: Paralyzing. F7: Flashing. F8: Pitfall trapping
眠らせ ます 麻痺させ ます 閃光 玉を投げます 落とし穴を設置します
麻痺它 眠它 我來投閃光玉 我來設置落穴
F9: Placing bomb. F10: Setting off bomb. F11: Using Cluster Bullets F12: Using Crag Bullets
爆弾を置きます 爆破します 拡散弾を撃ちます 徹甲榴弾を撃ちます
我來放炸彈 引爆炸彈 我打擴散彈了 我打撤甲彈了

The Main Menu

Main Menu Combine
Main Menu Quest Info


Color Name Hunter Rank
Yellow-Green HR0 ~ 30
Dark Green HR31~99
LIght Blue HR100~299
Dark Blue HR300~499
Pink HR500~699
Yellow HR700~899
Red HR900~999

(More Info...)

Other Info

Good Luck Charm Geki

Good Luck Charm Geki

Name Korean Japanese Chinese
Sac pink Good Luck Charm Geki 대격운의 부적 大激運の御守り 大激運の御守り

(Note: need to verify if item need to be consumed after monster is killed and before the reward screen)

Carry during quest that can be used and activated as a "luck skill"
It can be obtain in one of the Alchemist Shops and trade with TP, BP, TN Production Tickets... with other
variety of combination specified when buying.


A: Increase obtained reward after clearing quest:
B: In addition, 15% chance to get "twice" the rewards of one of each; Main target earnings, Sub target earnings,
Capture earnings, and so forth.