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For which platform(s) is Monster Hunter Frontier in?

Currently, it is for the PC and XBox360.

Which countries have servers for Monster Hunter Frontier?

As of now, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have their servers for Monster Hunter Frontier.

Why did Capcom chose to port Frontier into XBox360 instead of PS3?

Is Monster Hunter Frontier coming out to The United States / Europe?

There is no Western release for Monster Hunter Frontier. [1]

Is Monster Hunter Frontier going to have an English Version?

There is no English release for Monster Hunter Frontier. [1]

But there is an XBox 360 port of Frontier, are you sure it is not coming out to the US / Europe?

Monster Hunter Frontier being ported to the XBox 360 was only a gimmick to promote and increase XBox360 sales in Japan, and only in Japan. Again, Capcom has no word that Frontier is coming to The United States / Europe, even in XBox 360.[1]

Although not specifically stating that an overseas release will happen, there are hints for an overseas release from an interview featured on Weekly Famitsu.[2][3][4]

Where can I find Monster Hunter Frontier-related information in this Wiki?

Most information can be found in Database: Monster Hunter Frontier

  1. a Blog from a Capcom Official.

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