In this page you will find a list of all the different types of special weapons and armors that can be found in Monster Hunter Frontier G to date. The page will be updated over time as new types of equipment are released with future updates.


A weapon is called "Buki" (武器) in Japanese. Therefore, this kanji can be found in multiple pictures below.


SP Weapon (Tartaros GS)

SP Weapons are a special type of weapon that is unlocked at HR5. This category of equipment features recolored versions of existing weapons with different stats and attributes. The sharpness bars and their respective sharpness levels and unit counts are identical for all weapons within this category.

SP Weapons have 7 stages, these range from LV1 to LV7.

When taken on HR5 Quests and above (HR6 and G), these weapons will get a small bonus to attack (+10 true raw) and affinity (+20%).

Master Mark

Master Proof Weapon (Candy LS)

Master Mark Weapons (親方印) are a special type of weapon that can often be found as an upgrade of event weapons. These weapons have the Weapon Handling skill built into them and allow the Hunter to sheathe/unsheathe their weapons 20% faster.


Evolution Weapon (Ravi Hammer)

Evolution Weapons (進化武器) are a very special type of weapon that is exclusively made from Laviente materials. These weapons have 3 stages of which both consist of 100 levels each. These weapons have different bonuses depending on the weapon type that is being used. These bonus abilities are:

  1. Blademaster: able to equip Strong Sword Stones (強撃剣晶), which boost the weapon's attack power x1.2 and consumes sharpness at 4 times the usual speed while utilized.
  2. Heavy Bowgun: able to use Strong Acid Bomb (強酸弾) and Dragon Acid Bomb (龍酸弾). The type of ammo that can be used depends on the form and stage that was chosen when upgrading the Laviente HBG.
  3. Bow: able to equip Bomb Coating (爆撃ビン) and Strike Coating (打撃ビン).


HC Weapon (Azure Los Lance)

Hardcore Weapons (HC武器) are hardcore versions of weapons. They feature a different aesthetic appearance like the HC monsters do, and have much lower rarity levels than their normal counterparts. Their stats are also significantly superior.

These weapons start appearing when a player reaches HR5 and unlocks Skill Rank (スキルランク). They have several upgrades and all require a dedicated Hardcore Carve from the Monster the weapon is made of. Rarity levels vary with each weapon.

Depending on whether the weapon is Blademaster or Gunners, they will have the following effect when brought to a Hardcore Quest (HC):

  1. Blademaster: Sharpness Bar Levels will all go up by 1 stage. Red becomes Orange, Green becomes Blue, and so on.
  2. Gunner: +40% Affinity.


Gou Weapon (Zeru LS)

Goushu Weapons (剛種武器) are another special type of weapon that is unlocked at HR5. They are made with Slaying Proof (討伐の証) obtained from Gou Monsters. All monsters within this category have their own Slaying Proof.

Traditionally, one would need 2 tickets to craft the base form of one of these weapons and another 3 (previously 5 tickets for base, and 20 for upgrade) to upgrade it before reaching their Tenran (天嵐) form. However, weapons of monsters introduced from Monster Hunter Frontier G2 onwards have significantly higher base stats and instantly upgrade into their Tenran forms.

Goushu Weapons have a wide range of different bonus effects depending on whether it is a Blademaster or a Gunner weapon. These effects are:

  1. Blademaster: grants the effect of Fencing +1 when Health and Stamina are at max. The respective bars will glow when this is the case.
  2. Light Bowgun: features Super Rapid Fire, allows chaining individual rapid fire salvos into an on-going hail of bullets that increases in number as the chain continues. For instance, if the first salvo consists of 4 bullets, the second in the chain will consist of 5, the third of 6 and so on. Recoil also steadily increases as the Super Rapid Fire goes on.
  3. Heavy Bowgun: enables the usage of the "Heat Cannon". This is an independent upgrade that can be bought and makes a bar appear that is filled when shooting bullets. The bar will start glowing once it has been completely filled and a special type of ammo will become usable to fire the Heat Cannon. Its animation is similar to the fire beam of a Gravios. It deals Artillery + Fire damage and is affected by Gunnery Skills.
  4. Bow: enables the usage of Bomb Coating, allows faster weapon sheathing and increases the attack bonus modifier for Power Coating from x1.5 to x1.6.


Tenran Weapon (Arugoru SnS)

Tenran Weapons (天嵐) can be considered the first Hardcore upgrade to Goushu Weapons. These weapons require Soul Tickets (Heaven) from HC Goushu monsters and need 1 Hardcore carve. They have a green and reddish aura emanating from them when drawn.

In addition to the Fencing +1 effect of Goushu Weapons, they also receive a few more different bonuses depending on how many Tenran armor pieces are equipped while using these weapons. These effects are:

  1. Universal: Attack and Element/Status Up.
  2. Blademaster only: when used in conjunction with 2 armor pieces that are Tenran-level or higher, grants the effect of Sharpness Levels Up in the same way as it does for HC Weapons on HC Quests. This effect, however, is restricted to Goushu/Supremacy/G Quests only.
  3. Gunners only: increases the critical range by a set amount (applies to all Gunner-type weapons).
  4. Bows only: Increases the attack bonus multiplier for Power Coating to x1.7.


Supremacy Weapon (Odei GS)

Supremacy Weapons (覇種) are the second upgrade in the Hardcore (SR) line for Goushu weapons. They do not feature any additional or boosted effects compared to their Tenran counterparts. They are merely another upgraded form of the same weapon.

The only real difference, other than their superior stats, is the color of the aura that emanates from them. It turns from green and red to blue and purple.

G Supremacy

G Supremacy Weapon (Teo SnS)

G Supremacy Weapons (G級覇種) are the first G-Rank upgrade of a Goushu weapon. They also do not offer any additional bonus effects. Their stats are superior to their Supremacy counterparts but not by much. The most notable difference, rather, is that the aura has changed from Blue and Purple to Purple and Yellow.


Retsu Weapon (Diorex LBG)

Burst Weapons (烈種武器) are the second G-Rank upgrade of Goushu weapons. Aside from a different aura, which has changed significantly compared to all its former counterparts, Burst weapons feature vastly superior stats compared to any of its past forms. They also have one built-in G Skill as can be seen within the picture above. The skill reads Wrath Awoken.


Shishu Weapon (Baru HBG)

Origin Weapons (始種武器) are the final upgrade of a Goushu weapon. They feature vastly superior stats compared to any of their past forms. Their stats are so great that they are even able to compete with G Lv50 weapons.

They also have an upgraded version of the G Skill they featured at their Burst form. In the picture above this shows as Issen +2. They have a lot of potential when used alongside with Origin armor pieces.


G Rank Weapon 1 (Miru Tonfa)G Rank Weapon 2 (Miru Tonfa)

G-rank Weapons (G級武器) are the default type of weapon that can be crafted after attaining the status of G-rank Hunter. They are crafted with materials from the monster they originate from and some other miscellaneous items. These tend to be from small monsters or gathering.

What makes these unique is that they can be leveled up, rather than being "upgraded" in the traditional way. All G Weapons have 50 levels, with some gaining an upgrade to G Finesse at GR800. These weapons do not only gain attack power but also gain more sharpness, element and sometimes even affinity when upgraded.

G-rank Weapons are upgraded with all kinds of materials. These include materials from the monster it was made of, gathering materials, small monster materials, Hardcore Carves and G Hardcore Carves. From Lv30 on wards, these weapons start requiring items from Conquest War. At Lv48 they will also require the rarest item from its respective G-rank Monster, the 1% carve.

Something else that is also unique about these weapons is that they do not have decoration slots, but sigil slots instead making them different from your regular weapons.

G Finesse

G Finesse Weapon (Black Gravios Hammer)

G Finesse Weapons (G級技巧) are a special type of G-rank Weapon that can be created with items obtained from certain events. Though there exist a few exceptions, these weapons are not made from scratch at G level. Instead, they are upgraded forms of very specific normal and event weapons.

They are identical in every regard to regular G-rank Weapons when it comes to their upgrade system (Lv1 - Lv50) and having Sigil Slots. However, they differ in that they have a few bonus effects that regular G-rank Weapons do not. These bonus effects are:

  1. Grants the effects of Weapon Handling and Movement Speed +1.
  2. Increases the amount of CP obtained from carving, gathering, emergency missions and break rewards on Caravan quests by 20%.

Sky Corridor

Tenrou Weapon (Black HH)

Sky Corridor Weapons (天廊武器) are a unique type of weapon that is exclusive to the Sky Corridor (天廊, ten-rou). They are special in multiple ways when compared to any other weapon in the game. They are different in that:

  1. They are completely free to upgrade. It requires no money whatsoever.
  2. They can be completely customized according to one's personal liking (raw, sharpness, elements, status ailments).
  3. They can be equipped with Sky Corridor Gems, which instantly activate any skill they possess without taking up a skill slot on one's armor.
  4. Instead of using monster materials for upgrades, they use balls obtained from the Sky Corridor and some tickets obtained regularly through hunting HR5 Hardcore and GSR1 Monsters.

Although their power and potential varies with the weapon type, Sky Corridor weapons can, when upgraded carefully and any additional elements/ailments chosen in good knowledge, superior to other G-rank Lv50 weapon matching the same qualities.


Flexible Weapon (Felyne LBG)

Exotic Weapons (遷悠武器) are a new type of weapon that was introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G7.

Exotic weapons can only be obtained at HR5 from hunting Exotic monsters to make their base forms, and then upgrade them into G-rank in a single upgrade, followed by one more to fully upgrade them. Tonfa and Switch Axe are made straight from G and only have one upgrade.

Although they can be made early, you are unable to upgrade/make these G-rank until you can hunt the G-rank Exotics at GR500.

Unique to this type of weapon is that they all have Speed Eating built-in, and have their own special type of slots. They are able to equip both decorations and sigils simultaneously.


Prayer Weapon (Prayer GS)

Prayer Weapons (祈歌武器) are a new type of weapon that was introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.1.

Prayer weapons can only be obtained from taking part in the Diva Defense event, which reward the Hunters taking part with special stones that craft and upgrade these weapons. These weapons are usually on par with that of a G-rank Lv50 weapon, but their true potential is unlocked when using buffs from the Diva Defense events Warsong Chapter.

After finishing the Prayer Chapter part of the event, the following Warsong Chapter will allow hunters to listen to the Prayer for different effects along with empowering the Prayer weapons hugely, these effects are:

Although these effects make this type of weapon extremely useful, it's only available for a very limited amount of time.


An armor is called "Bougu" (防具) in Japanese. Therefore, this kanji can be found in multiple pictures below. Defense, on the other hand, is called "Bougyo" (防御).


SP Armor (Ruko Hat SP Blue)

SP Armor (SP防具) is a special type of armor unlocked at HR5. Like SP Weapons, they also feature recolored version of existing armors. It does not possess any armor skill points by itself but can be equipped with SP Gems to make up for this. SP Gems can instantly activate 1 to 4 skills at once.

Having at least 1 SP armor piece will also grant a +100 Defense bonus on any quest that is HR5 or higher.

Hardcore (HC)

HC Armor (Coach HC Suit)

Hardcore Armor (HC防具) is the Hardcore upgrade of certain regular or premium armor sets. It offers Health Regeneration on HC Quests when Health is above 50% of its maximum value. This applies to any health level and is calculated from its established maximum at a given moment.

For example: 75 for a HP Bar of 150 and 20 for a HP Bar of 40.

Normal armors can be upgraded into Hardcore armor after FX Lv7 has been reached. Cash armors, on the other hand, can be upgraded into HC level once FZ Lv7 has been reached. However for more recent premium armors, the HC tier is skipped and the armor immediately upgrades into its HS form.

Below is a table containing the minimum amount of stamina required and health regeneration speed per certain amount of HC Armor Pieces:

# of Pieces Stamina Health Regeneration Speed
1 150 1 Health Point / 8 seconds.
2 125 1 Health Point / 4 seconds.
3 100 1 Health Point / 2 seconds.
4 75 1 Health Point / 1.5 seconds.
5 50 1 Health Point / 1 second.

These values also apply to Hunting Safeguard (HS) and G Hunting Safeguard (GS/GP) armor pieces.

Hunting Safeguard (HS)

HS Armor (Coach HS Vest)

Hunting Safeguard Armor (HS, 狩護防具) is an upgraded form of Hardcore Armor. It boasts higher defense than its previous forms and also has 2 additional bonus effects when used on HC Quests with either a Hardcore or a Tenran (or higher) Weapon.

The table below shows the defense bonus and damage reduction values per amount of armor pieces equipped:

# of Pieces Defense Bonus Damage Reduction
1 +20 10%
2 +40 17%
3 +60 24%
4 +80 27%
5 +100 30%

The 2 bonus effects from this type of armor also applies to G Hunting Safeguard (GS/GP) armor pieces.

G Hunting Safeguard (GS/GP)

GS Armor (Shena GS Mail)GP Armor (SFIV GP Gloves)

G Hunting Safeguard Armor (GS/GP, G級狩護) is the G-rank upgrade of Hunting Safeguard Armors and exclusive to premium kits. The GS tier is the first upgrade level and only offers a minor increase in defense, whereas the GP tier boasts a far more significant increase in defense.

Both tiers possess all the bonus effects of their predecessors and also add the same bonus effects granted by regular G-rank Armor Pieces. These bonus effects are:

  1. Attack bonus (+30 true raw) on G-rank Quests when 3 or more armor pieces are equipped.
  2. Skill Cap +1 when 3 armor pieces are equipped and Skill Cap +2 when 5 armor pieces are equipped.

A general trait of GP Armor pieces is that they are designed in such a way that they can fill in a particular role in custom skill setups (mix-sets). They make up for their lack in defense (when compared to regular GX-Level Armor Pieces) with the damage reduction that comes with it.

GP is currently the final tier of premium armor pieces (as of Monster Hunter Frontier G10).


G Rank Armor (Rebi Chest)

G-rank Armors (G級防具) are the default type of armor that can be crafted in G-rank. Despite not having a special mark in their description, they do offers 2 bonus effects. These being:

  1. Attack bonus (+30 true raw) on G-rank Quests when 3 or more armor pieces are equipped.
  2. Skill Cap +1 when 3 armor pieces are equipped and Skill Cap +2 when 5 armor pieces are equipped.

G-rank Armors have 3 tiers: G (base), GF (2nd tier) and GX (final tier).

Unique to this type of armor is that almost all armors within this category can be converted into decorations for armor skills. This is only possible when an armor piece is at level 7 of a certain tier. There are 2 types of gems: Sword Gems (剣珠) and Gunner Gems (射珠) and both are created from their respective equipment type classes.

For GX-level armor pieces there exist 5 variations for both Blademaster and Gunner sets. These gems are marked as GX1 to GX5. The table below shows which armor piece converts into which GX decoration:

Armor Piece GX Decoration #
Helm GX1
Chest GX2
Arms GX3
Waist GX4
Legs GX5

It is important to carefully choose the armor piece and type when upgrading these to be converted into 1 of the 5 GX-decorations. Blademaster and Gunner versions both have their own unique skills.


Gou Armor (Blitz Helm)

Goushu Armors (剛種防具) are another special type of armor that is unlocked upon reaching HR5. Like Goushu Weapons, these are also made with Slaying Proof (討伐の証) from the respective monsters they are crafted from. Another thing all of these armor pieces have in common is that they all require a Rare Elder Dragon Gem (古龍種の稀珠) to craft.

Armor Pieces with the Goushu Mark provide a Skill Rank Up effect at certain health and stamina levels. This means that certain skills that can be "boosted", when applicable, will be ranked up by 1 tier.

For example: Critical Eye +3 will become Critical Eye +4 while the effect is active.

The health levels at which this "boost" effect is active depends on the amount of armor pieces that are equipped. The table below shows the health and stamina values that are required for the boost to take effect:

# of Pieces Health Stamina
1 100% 26 and higher
2 90% 26 and higher
3 83% 26 and higher
4 76% 26 and higher
5 70% 26 and higher


Tenran Armor (Arugoru F Helm)

Tenran Armor (天嵐防具) are the first upgraded form of Goushu Armors and become accessible at HR5. They can be considered a Hardcore upgrade because of the different HC Carves they require to be crafted or upgraded.

In addition to the Skill Rank Up effect, Tenran Armor Pieces also grant the following bonus effects for Goushu weapons (and their upgrades) on HC (HR5), Supremacy (HR6) and G Quests:

  1. Attack Bonus (see table below).
  2. Element & Status (+2% per armor piece equipped)
  3. Sharpness Level Up when 2 or more pieces are equipped (Blademasters only).
  4. Critical Range Up when 2 ore more pieces are equipped (Gunners only).
# of Pieces Attack Bonus Attribute Bonus SR Rarity Limit
1 15 +2% -1
2 30 +4% -2
3 45 +6% -3
4 60 +8% -4
5 80 +10% -5

The values given in the table above also apply to Supremacy (覇種), G Supremacy (G級覇種) and Burst (烈種) Armor Pieces.


Supremacy Armor (Odei FX Waist)

Supremacy Armors (覇種防具) are the next upgrade after Tenran and 3rd stage in the Goushu armor line. They do not offer any additional bonus effects but do greatly reduce the amount of Health needed for the Skill Rank Up effect to remain in effect.

The table below shows the minimum Health and Stamina values once again, this time for Supremacy Armor Pieces:

# of Pieces Health Stamina
1 67% 26 and higher
2 34% 26 and higher
3 1% 26 and higher
4 - 26 and higher
5 - 26 and higher

These values also apply to G Supremacy (G級覇種) Armor Pieces.

G Supremacy

G Supremacy Armor (Odei G Arms)

G Supremacy Armors (G級覇種) are the first G-rank upgrade in the Goushu Armor line. They do not offer any additional of boosted bonus effects whatsoever. The only difference in comparison to their normal counterpart is the rarity level and the slightly higher defense it boasts.


Retsu Armor (Garuba GF Chest)

Burst Armors (烈種防具) are the second G-rank upgrade in the Goushu Armor line. Unlike their predecessor, the G Supremacy Armors, they do offer a superior bonus effect. Not only do they boast much greater defense, they also permanently grant the Skill Rank Up effect, even with only 1 armor piece equipped.


Shishu Armor (Blitz GX Arms)

Origin Armors (始種防具) are the final stage in the Goushu Armor line. It was introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G7 and pioneered Gureadomosu as the first Origin Monster. It boasts even greater defense than its Burst predecessor, offers superior stat boosts and even G Skills.

Contrary to earlier stages of this armor line, Origin Armor pieces grant the effect of Sharpness Up and Critical Range Up even with just 1 piece equipped.

# of Pieces Attack Bonus Attribute Bonus
1 20 +3%
2 40 +6%
3 60 +9%
4 80 +12%
5 110 +15%


Hiden Armor (White Bow)Hiden Armor (Red Tonfa)

Hiden Armors (秘伝防具) are a unique type of armor that is unlocked upon reaching HR6. Doing so will unlock the the Hiden Armor pieces for that specific weapon type. These armors offer the "Weapon Tech" (武器技) skills.

Although the armors are useless at base, they start to shine once they have been upgraded to their FX tier. This is the moment they get their signature skills to their maximum level and lose the negative tech skill they had thus far. They require certain HC Carves to be upgraded to F Lv1 and FX Lv1 and several thousands of HC Weapon Soul Tickets to be maxed out.

There are 2 paths for every Hiden Armor at their beginning stage. These are the White and Red path and both offer different skills. Upon reaching FX Level 7, both armor lines will split into another 2 colors each. White Hiden can be turned into G White Hiden or G Black Hiden, whereas Red Hiden can be turned into G Red Hiden or G Blue Hiden.

Once they have reached their G-rank stages, they will start requiring a plethora of GHC Carves (2%) and G Carves (1%). Their maximum level will become GF Lv7 until GR500 has been reached. When this is done, the armors will finally be able to be fully maxed and turned into the highly sought-after Hiden Gems (hiden-tama, 秘伝珠).

Having both the White Hiden and the Red Hiden Armors (or any of their G-rank stages) upgraded to at least FX Lv7 (G Lv1 for the G-rank paths) will grant the Great Hiden Tech (大秘伝) skill for both armors. The Great Hiden Tech skills offer Sharpness +1 for Blademasters and Attack x1.4 for Gunners.

The table below shows how many of the following items are required to fully upgrade a complete Hiden Armor set from it base to its max:

Type 魂 (souls) 綬 (ribbons) 勲 (merits)
425 500 250
975 825 300
1375 825 250
425 - -

For further clarification, the table below describes which Quest Ranks give which items:

Type 魂 (souls) 綬 (ribbons) 勲 (merits)
HR1-2 GSR1: ★1~2 (GR500) GR1: ★1~2
HR3-4 GSR1: ★3~4 (GR500) GR1: ★3~4
HR5 Henshu GSR1: ★5~7 (GR500) GR1: ★5~7
HR5 Goushu & HR6 - -

Important note: 勲 (merits) are obtained from normal G-rank Quests (so not set to HC mode) only after GR500 has been reached. Hence the GR1 mark.

Sky Corridor

Tenrou Armor (Ranvo Feet)

Sky Corridor Armor (天廊防具) is a unique type of armor that, like the Sky Corridor Weapons, is made and upgraded exclusively with items obtained from the Sky Corridor, SR Tickets and GSR Tickets. Aside from having all qualities regular does, Sky Corridor armor pieces can also be equipped with special gems that give it qualities matching that of other types of special armor pieces. These special abilities are:

Effect Slots
Skill Rank Up 3
Sharpness Level Up 3
Origin Attack Up 1
Element / Status Up 1
Critical Range Up 2
Power Coating Up 1
Defense Up 1
Damage Reduction 1
Health Regeneration 1
G-rank Armor 2

In short, it can be given almost every special armor effect in existence. It must be at the proper stage in its upgrade line to be able to gem certain skills onto the armor though. For instance, to gem on damage reduction it must be at least at HS level.


Flexible Armor (Yukumo Nokasa)

Exotic Armor (遷悠武具) is a new type of armor introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G7. This type of armor consists of armorsets from other generations, the later 2nd Gen equipment like Nargacuga, and 3rd Gen like Zinogre and Barioth.

Armors of this type all have a specific armor skill built into them that can be found on every piece of their complete sets. The innate skills they possess varies with the armor. The skill within the picture reads Great Luck.

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