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Item Name Korean Japanese Chinese Carve Capture Drop Break
ItemIcon028b Conga Pelt 도모수 털 桃毛獣の毛 桃毛獸毛 49% 35% Head:58%
ItemIcon036g Congalala Fang 도모수 이빨 桃毛獣の牙 桃毛獸牙 21% 22%(2)
ItemIcon008 Bone 봉모양 뼈 棒状の骨 棒狀骨 5% 15%(4)
ItemIcon028b Congalala Pelt+ 뻣뻣한 도모수털 桃毛獣の剛毛 桃毛獸的剛毛 25% 28% Head:15%
ItemIcon008c Large Monster Bone 용골[대] 竜骨【大】 龍骨【大】 30%
ItemIcon063a Territorial Dung 영역표시 배설물 なわばりのフン 勢力範圍的糞 60%
ItemIcon008f Hard Monster Bone 견룡골 堅竜骨 堅龍骨 10%
ItemIcon028e Vibrant Pelt 극채색 털 極彩色の毛 極彩色毛 Head:27%
ItemIcon036g Congalala Claw 도모수 발톱 桃毛獣の爪 桃毛獸爪 Claw:78%
ItemIcon036g Congalala Claw+ 뾰족한도모수발톱 桃毛獣の尖爪 桃毛獸的尖爪 Claw:22%

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