Frau (Japanese フラウ) is one of the many Legendary Rastas found within Mezeporta Square. She specializes in using the Dual Blades.

FrontierGen-Legendary Rasta Frau Render 001


Despite her adorable appearance, Frau is said to have a clever way of thinking. She can also be about as sly as Felyne.


Not much is really known about Frau's past, however, she is known to be very good friends with Flora. The both of them are well-known for chatting with each other quite often, though both are said to have a minor rivalry with one another. These two usually make fun of other hunters in the shadows. Though some may think she is too soft to be a hunter, she has helped take down other monsters with her team. She has helped protect the Interceptor's Base from Rebidiora, fought Shantien on the Large Exploration Ship, and taken on Zerureusu.


Frau usually wears Lukux F armor, along with a Akura Barrette in her hair, and she uses a variety of rare Dual Blades.


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