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English Name: Fortress
Japanese Name:
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon06
Number of Areas: 6
Small Monsters: Ioprey
Large Monsters: Lao-Shan Lung
Ashen Lao-Shan Lung, Shen Gaoren
Game Appearances: MH1, MHG, MHF1, MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MHFO
Generation: First

The Fortress is a special hunting area that consists of narrow canyons, a base camp, and the fortress. Here you fight the Elder Dragon Lao-Shan Lung and the giant Carapaceon Shen Gaoren. In some of the areas there are bridges, which can be used to jump on Lao's back for a few carves, as well as into Gaoren's shell, also for three carves.

The Fortress is armed with Ballistae, Cannons and a Dragonator in the final area. The Dragonator consists of 4 giant spikes that pierce the monster when the trigger is hit. Ammo for the Cannons and Ballistae are found at the Base Camp.

The only small monsters that live in this area are Ioprey, which must be evaded to bring the Cannon S to the Cannons. These Ioprey respawn only 3 times.



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