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In-Game Information

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Forokururu are a large species of recently discovered Bird Wyverns. They are classified as such due to having numerous avian features such as a beak, brightly colored feathers and etc.

Habitat Range

So far, these Bird Wyverns have only been seen inhabiting the extremely vibrant and beautiful Flower Field.

Ecological Niche

Forokururu predominantly feed on the specialized nectar from the numerous species of flowers in the area. Like modern hummingbirds they roam from place to place to feed on the flowers of their choosing. Due to their feeding habits Forokururu manage to peacefully coexists with most of the other creatures in the Flower Field such as KelbiBulldrome and Congalala. The species of Lynian known as Uruki on the other hand don't tolerate Forokururu anywhere near their territory. This dislike of the Bird Wyverns is due to Forokururu feeding on the flowers that Uruki use as self-defense, such as the large carnivorous plants they use to protect their villages. The only other known possible threat to a Forokururu is the powerful thorn wyvern Espinas.

Biological Adaptations

Forokururu's beak is quite different from other Bird Wyverns from it going downwards to the ground. Its beak is quite sharp yet thin due to its diet of flowers. When Forokururu are threatened or hungry, they will feed on the nectar of flowers. When they feed on this nectar, the nectar is stored inside the Forokururu's body and some of Forokururu's feathers will change color. Depending on the type of nectar they feed on, Forokururu's colors can vary just by feeding on different types of flowers. By feeding on the nectar, Forokururu are able to use toxins from the nectar as a weapon for protection from special sacs on its body. In its dewlap and under its wings where the special sacs are. These sacs release the nectar from its body and turn the nectar into a weapon while flying or physically fighting.


Forokururu are actually quite timid monsters but when they feed on nectar, they turn aggressive. Forokururu are the enemies of the Uruki from the fact that Forokururu feeds on some of the flowers they use to protect themselves and their village like those giant meat-eating plants.

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