Flying Wyverns (Japanese 飛竜種) are large, bipedal monsters that have two wings. These Wyverns are known as "True Wyverns". However, there are some Wyverns that are quadrupedal, operating their wingarms as forearms instead like Tigrex and Nargacuga. These monsters have been dubbed by fans as "Pseudo Wyverns" (Pseudo meaning "False" or "Mimic"), due to these species only displaying partial Wyvern traits. Some are flightless despite their classification as Flying Wyverns, like the Akantor and Ukanlos. These wyverns show their Wyvern ancestry by the small forewings on their two front limbs. Flying Wyverns make up a large majority of the monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise.

First Generation Flying Wyverns

Second Generation Flying Wyverns

Third Generation Flying Wyverns

Fourth Generation Flying Wyverns

Fifth Generation Flying Wyverns

Frontier Generation Flying Wyverns

Monster Hunter Online Flying Wyverns

Monster Hunter Explore Flying Wyverns


  • There are no new Flying Wyverns in the Monster Hunter Orage series.
  • Remobra was previously a Flying Wyvern in the Second Generation of Monster Hunter Series before being reclassified as a Snake Wyvern in the later generations.
  • Halks are friendly Flying Wyverns.

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