Flora (Japanese フローラ) is one of the many Legendary Rastas found within Mezeporta Square. She specializes in using the Sword and Shield.

FrontierGen-Legendary Rasta Flora Render 001


Flora is an innocent girl with a compassionate heart, though she can be ill mannered at times.


In her youth, Flora was taught to use the Sword and Shield by her harsh grandfather. His harsh teachings have kept up with her for her whole life now, including his dream of her becoming a Legendary Rasta. Though she is now a Legendary Rasta, Flora is still considered to be a rookie and still is learning the ropes of being an elite hunter. She hopes to become as strong as her idol, Natasha, someday. Her best friend, Frau, who is also a Legendary Rasta.


Flora wears Riodeyuo Armor and she uses a variety of Sword and Shields.


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