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1[Whim Skills Even A Blango Could Love -4-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Felyne Whim Skills, nya! There is no need to waste your time in this final edition of the series, so let's just get to explaining some skills, meow!

2-Felyne Supercarver-

With the felyne supercarver skill activated, you'll never worry about being attack by monsters while carving again, nya! After all, you're the supercarver! Just be careful... No matter how super you are, a super strong attack will still hurt you, nya. This skill works for little attacks, like insects, meow.

3-Felyne Gunpodwer-

With this skill activated, the power of Large Barrel-Bombs and Small Barrel-Bombs will increase, nya! Only a felyne could produce a skill like this, don't you think? Nya? Large Barrel-Bomb+, meow? we don't use such uncouth weapons, nya!

4-Felyne Vine Master-

When the Felyne Vine Master skill is activated and you climb up a vine, small pests will no longer be able to pester you, meow. Imagine power so strong that the poking of insects will no longer cause you to fall. Amazing, nya!

5-Felyne Explorer-

At the beginning of a High Rank Quest, you may start in a spot you've never seen before. But sometimes these spots are filled with unknown delights, nya. With this skill, you will always head to these kinds of lovely undiscovered spots, meow. Just remember it has no effect on Low Rank Quests

6-Felyne Special Attack-

With the Felyne Special Attack skill, weapons that can cause abnormal statuses will be able to cause these adverse effects more easily, meow. This is a purrfect skill to match with a sword or bowgun, nya. Those beastly monsters will never see it coming! At least I don't think the will!

7-Felyne Supercat-

The Felyne Supercat skill will make carrying Eggs and such a thing of ease because your Stamina will be much more difficult to decrease, meoqw. Combined with Backpacking Expert, Eggs and Powderstones are like the lightest of feathers! Purrfect for Treasure Hunters Quests, nya!

8-Felyne Fear Factor-

The Felyne Fear Factor skill will fill your Quests with encounters with relatively weak monsters, nya. It's like having a Felyne's nose for danger, meow! Of course, this same nose for danger gets us in trouble sometimes too!

9-Felyne Exchanger-

With this skill activated, you will receive lots and lots of Pokke points, meow! It's such a shame that the Guild staff in charge of trading points doesn't succumb to our kitty cat charms, meow.

10-Felyne Courage-

It doesn't matter who you are, when you are out in the field and you run into a wyvern, you will be shocked, meow! However, with this skill, you'll never be surprised again! They always say us Felynes have guts, nya!

11-Felyne Resillience-

With the Felyne Resillience skill, if a monster knocks you down, you will always be able to get up safely, nya. I have no idea why this works though, meow. I guess its because Felynes always land on their feet!

12-Felyne Ultra Lucky Cat-

With this skill, the reward you receive at the end of a Quest will be substantially larger, meow! Or so I am told... There is also another great skill like this called Mega Lucky Cat, nya!

13-Felyne Dismantle-

With this skill, the number of times you can carve a monster after it has been slayed will increase, nya. If you activate this skill with a certain wyvern, let's just say woohoo, meow, and woohoo again, nya! But this skill only works sometimes...

14That's all of them, nya! You have to be satisfied with that list, right? Now with your understanding of the joys of Kitchen Skills, you can go and enjoy lots of hearty meals at the Felyne Kitchen, meow! We just love to Cook, nya nya nya!

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