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1[Kitchen Skills Even A Blango Could Love -2-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Felyne Whim Skills, nya! In this second edition of the series, we will go over basic Kitchen Skills.

2 -Felyne Frugality-

If you activate this skill, you will become an expert at properly using items, nya. For instance, items like Pickaxes and Bugnets that are prone to falling apart will suddenly be a bit harder to break, meow.

3 -Felyne Kickboxer-

By activating the Felyne Kickboxer skill, the power of your kicks will skyrocket, nya! Kick! Kick! Kick! Meow! Kick! That's not to say your kicks were weak to begin with, meow.

4 -Felyne Throw-

This skill will increase the damage caused by throw attacks like throwing a Stone, nya! And not just Stones, but Throwing Knives and Boomerangs will also receive a boost in power, meow. Throwing Knives are special Supply Items you can get on Training School or Treasure Hunter Quests, nya.

5 -Felyne Great Break-

If you use a melee weapon, you know what happens when you strike a hard rock or monster... The weapon just bounces right back, nya! This Felyne Whim Skill will increase your sharpness beyond its normal level and allow you to release a crushing blow even when striking something hard.

6 -Felyne Culinary Arts-

When you are a master of the Felyne Culinary Arts skill, it will be even easier than usual to make incredibly tasty meat, nya. Where once you would have cooked up some Rare Steak, the same timing will now make Well-Done Steak, meow! Is that great or what!?

7 -Felyne Negotiations-

Triggering this skill will cause you to become amiable to a variety of conversations. The fickle Veggie Elders will give you nice items, and items stolen by the Melynx will find their home much more easily, nya. It is a simple, but useful skill, meow.

8 -Felyne Woodwinds-

Sometimes, while using a Flute, you will find the item suddenly breaks. With this skill, that Flute will have a much harder time breaking on you, meow! Nya!? You use a Hunting Horn? I've go no idea what this skill does for those, nya!

9 -Felyne Charisma-

With the Felyne Charisma skill, you will find yourself getting into long conversations with the strangest of people, nya. In the field, some people in particular are turned off by the idea of idle chat. With this skill, you should be able to coax them into conversation, meow!

10 -Felyne Balloner-

Out in the field, you occasionally see balloons aloft from the Elder Dragon Observation Center, nya. With this skill, the wonderful aura of the Felyne will attract these balloons toward you. I think, meow. Of course, it doesn't make much sense to have this skill if no balloons are in the area...

11 -Felyne Blunt Force-

The Felyne Blunt Force skill will dramatically increase the power of weapons without Sharpness several times over. Nya... Weapons without Sharpness... That must be a Bowgun, Nya! Which means several times over isn't quite so impressive, meow...

12 -Felyne Temper-

With this skill activated, the spirit of the crazed gunslinger inside each and every Felyne will be awakened inside of you, and the power of your Bowgun or Bow will soar, meow! But it also means your shells or arrows won't travel nearly as far as usual, nya. That's the way things go when you're this small...

13-Meow? None of those skills tickled your fancy, nya? Well, have no fear, because this is not the end of the Felyne Whim Skills! There are more purrfect skills to be shown, so look forward to the next edition, meow!

Here is the list of all of the Felyne Whim skills you can obtain from eating meals in the Felyne Kitchen.

Some of these depend on the levels of your cats.

Felyne Martial Arts [Lo]:

   Uses less stamina when rolling and dodging. 
   (1/4 of standard stamina consumption less.)

Felyne Martial Arts [Hi]:

   Uses even less stamina when rolling and
   dodging. (1/2 of standard stamina consumption less.)

Felyne Charisma:

   You can talk to the Veggie Elder more than usual.
   (6 trades/received items.)

Felyne Defense [Lo]:

   Gives your defense a small rate of a boost.
   (12.5% chance of 30% damage reduction.)

Felyne Defense [Hi]:

   Gives your defense a large rate of a  boost.
   (25.0% chance of 30% damage reduction.)

Felyne Combination[Lo]:

   Combination success increases by 5%.

Felyne Combination[Hi]:

   Combination success increases by 10%.

Felyne Woodwind:

   Flutes will break less easily.

Felyne Frugality:

   Pickaxes and Bugnets will not break as easily.

Felyne Gathering:

   You can gather more items from a gathering point
   than usual.

Felyne Medicine:

   Healing items are improved and will heal more
   than usual. (Antidote Herb becomes 100% effective.)

Felyne Dismantle [Lo]:

   Gives a small chance to get an extra carve
   from a monsters body. (Tail does not count.)

Felyne Dismantle [Hi]:

   Gives a large chance to get an extra carve
   from a monsters body. (Tail does not count.)

Felyne Heroics:

   When your health is low, Attack and Defense will
   automatically increase. (Attack and defense multiplied by 1.5
   When at 10 HP or lower.)

Felyne Throw:

   Throwing items damage and distance increase.
   (Throwing knives and stone damage multiplied by two.)

Felyne Negotiation:

   Increases your chances of getting rare items
   from the Veggie Elder, also makes the chance of getting 
   your items from Melynx Den better.

Felyne Ultra Lucky Cat:

   Gives more luck towards carving/finding rare items.

Felyne Mega Lucky Cat:

   Even more luck than Ultra Lucky Cat.

Felyne Great Break:

   Stops weapons from bouncing off of wyverns.
   (Sharpness reduction halved for bouncing hits.)

Felyne Courage:

   When spotted by a wyvern your character will not flinch.

Felyne Culinary:

   Increases cooking speed by 1 step. Raw becomes Rare,
   Rare becomes Well Done, and if cooking on a Gourmet Spit,
   Well Done becomes gourmet.

Felyne Aim:

   Normal S damage multiplied by 1.1

Felyne Supercat:

   Stamina consumption halved while carrying eggs/ores.

Felyne Blunt Force:

   Increases the damage of gun melee attacks.
   (Bowgun Melee damage multiplied by five.)

Felyne Gunpowder:

   Makes Small and Large Barrel Bombs into
   Small and Large Barrel Bomb+'s.

Felyne Special Attack:

   Multiplies Status elements by 1.125

Felyne Iron Cat:

   Chance of not dropping eggs and ores if damage is taken.

Felyne Escape:

   Stamina consumption halved while running away from a
   wyvern that has spotted you.


Here is where all of the contributors to this list will go.

This FAQ was nearly all contributed information, so here goes. Lukav2005, KingOfMH, Silenced-Wind, DaiIchiban, CAPCOM Zarco 21:32, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

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