Items can be converted/sold as PP (resource points), which are used to help build the village. Correct item icons to be confirmed.

Rare Items

Japanese Translation Notes:
ItemIcon062e 落し物の傘 Lost Umbrella Find at Fishery Lv. 1, 2, 5
ItemIcon062purple にゃんにゃん棒G Nyanyan Stick G Find at Fields Lv. 1, 2 or Mining Lv. 1, 2, 3
ItemIcon062e ダンベル Dumbbell Find in Village at Tree house, Square, Beach
火竜の逆鱗 Rathalos Plate Pugi Race Reward
肉焼きセット BBQ Spit Trade
鍋のフタ Pot Lid Trade
ポッケ村の看板 Pokke Village Sign Trade
回復薬の瓶 Potion Bottle Trade
金のたまご Golden Egg Trade
ItemIcon062e 荷車の車輪 Wagon Wheel Find at Fields Lv1 and Lv5, Trade with 750 PP
長老の杖 Elder's Cane Village quest item
大事な虫捕りあみ Big Insect Net Village quest item
大事な虫捕りかご Big Insect Cage Village quest item
プラチナトリュフ Platinum Truffle


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon062 もえないゴミ Garbage 1 Village gather
ItemIcon040 空きビン Empty Bottle 1 Village gather
ItemIcon050 タルのフタ Barrel Lid 10 Village gather
ItemIcon050a 小タル爆弾 Small Barrel-Bomb ?
ItemIcon055a ブーメラン Boomerang 15 Village gather Friendship +20
ポポミルク Popo Milk 11
ポポポミルク Popopo Milk 220
白いたまご Egg Whites 25
Liquid-Green 牧畜の飼料 Livestock Feed 5 Village gather


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon043b 畑の肥料 Field Fertilizer 5 Used for improving Field Productivity
ItemIcon052 なぞの草 Mysterious Herb 1 Harvest LV1+
ItemIcon052g ドテカボチャ Dode Pumpkin 28 Harvest LV1+
ItemIcon052g ドデッカブ Dode Turnip 40 Harvest LV1+
ItemIcon052h 激辛ニンジン Spicy Carrot 100
ItemIcon052c サツマノイモ Sweet Potato 24 Friendship +10
ItemIcon052g ナナハクサイ Seven Herbs 8 Harvest LV1+
ItemIcon052g デンデンダイコン Denden Turnip 15 Harvest LV1+
ItemIcon052h シモフリトマト Fatty Tomato 64
ItemIcon052e レアガーリック Rare Garlic 175
ItemIcon052h ドスビスカス Dosbiscus 20 Give only to Female Felynes
ItemIcon052 モーレツマタタビ Violent Catnip 100 Extraction Friendship +100
ItemIcon052f パサパセリ Pasa Parsley 3 Quest
ItemIcon052b ネムリ草 Sleep Herb 5 Quest
ItemIcon052a ネンチャク草 Sap Plant 2 Quest


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon043grey 釣りのエサ Fishing Bait 5 Used for improving Fishery Productivity
ItemIcon016 キレアジ Knife Mackerel 12 Fishery LV1+
ItemIcon016a ハリマグロ Pin Tuna 55 Fishery LV2+
ItemIcon016h 黄金魚 Goldenfish 300 Fishery LV2+ Increases Friendship by 150
ItemIcon016c スネークサーモン Snake Salmon 40 Fishery LV2+
ItemIcon016a オンプ ウオ Note Fish 35 Fishery LV1+
ItemIcon016a はじけイワシ Rumblefish 26 Fishery LV1+
ItemIcon016a カクサンデメキン Scatterfish 75 Fishery LV2+
ItemIcon016f ハレツアロワナ Burst Arowana 110 Fishery LV3+
ItemIcon016e カジキマグロ Speartuna 500 Fishery LV4+
古代魚 Ancient Fish 750 Fishery LV4+


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
Liquid-Yellow 採掘の油 Mining Oil 5 Village gather or Fishing Used for improving Mine Productivity
Ore-White 石ころ Stone 1 Mining LV1+
Ore-Grey 鉄鉱石 Iron Ore 27 Mining LV1+
Ore-Grey 円盤石 Disk Stone 68 Mining LV1+ Friendship+40, Some+80
Ore-Grey 大地の結晶 Earth Crystal 80
Ore-Blue マカライト鉱石 Machalite Ore 125 Mining LV2+
Ore-Pink 虹色鉱石 Rainbow Ore 480 Mining LV3 (only?)
Ore-Blue 鎧玉 Armor Sphere 100 Mining LV2+
Ore-Green 上鎧玉 Armor Sphere+ 300 Mining LV3+


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
Liquid-Green 虫捕りのミツ Insect Trapper 5 Used for improving Bugcatch Productivity
ItemIcon001 虫のぬけがら Insect Husk 1 Bugcatch LV1+
ItemIcon001 カクバッタ Bughopper 8 Bugcatch LV1+
ItemIcon001a のりこねバッタ Gluehopper 16 Bugcatch LV1+
ItemIcon001a ネジヤンマ Screw Dragonfly 30 Bugcatch LV1+
ItemIcon001d ツチハチノコ Snakebee Larva 40 Bugcatch
ItemIcon001i オオナナホシ Great Ladybug 75 Rare Bugcatch, Quest Friendship +130
ItemIcon001h キラビートル Killer Beetle 100 Quest
ItemIcon001 不死虫 Godbug 100 Bugcatch Only when Luck is at ★ or ★★
ItemIcon001f 雷光虫 Thunderbug 200 Bugcatch
ItemIcon001i ドスヘラクレス Hercudrome 270 Bugcatch
ItemIcon001a マボロシチョウ PhantomButterfly 900 Bugcatch

Mushroom Items

Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon064d アオキノコ Blue Mushroom 2 Quest
ItemIcon064c 特産キノコ Unique Mushroom 50 Quest
ItemIcon064g ニトロダケ Nitroshroom 6 Quest
ItemIcon064e マヒダケ Parashroom 15 Quest
ItemIcon064f 毒テングダケ Toadstool 8 Quest
ItemIcon064f ドキドキノコ Exciteshroom 18 Quest


Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon039f 怪力の種 Might Seed 140 Quest
ItemIcon039b 忍耐の種 Adamant Seed 110 Quest
ItemIcon039e メラメラナッツ Mera Mera Nuts 165 Quest

Monster Items

Icon Japanese Translation PP Worth Gather Location Notes:
ItemIcon008c なぞの骨 Mystery Bone 1
ItemIcon008b 大きな骨 Large Bone 150
ItemIcon008b かたい骨 Stiff Bone 200
ポポの枝毛 Popo Hair 1 Farm LV1+
ItemIcon028e ポポの尾毛 Popo Tail 15
ItemIcon020e ポポノタン Popo Tongue 45
ItemIcon028d ランポスの皮 Velociprey Hide 28
ItemIcon028d ランポスの鱗 Velociprey Scale 40
ItemIcon054d ランゴスタの甲殻 Vespoid Shell 120
女王虫の尻尾 Queen Vespoid Tail 1800 Quest:キレイな女王虫
ItemIcon028e ファンゴの毛皮 Bullfango Pelt 40
ItemIcon008b 大猪の牙 Bulldrome Tusk 160
怪鳥の耳 Kut-Ku Ear 1280
雌火竜の棘 Rathian Spike
火竜の鱗 Rathalos Scale 490
轟竜の爪 Tigrex Claw 700
海竜の鱗 Lagiacrus Scale 1000

Information Sources

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