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This Article is about one of the three Elder Dragons using the same name.
For other uses, see Fatalis (Disambiguation)

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English: Fatalis
Japanese: ミラボレアス
Korean: 밀라보레아스
Nicknames: Black Fata, Fata, Fatty
English: The Legend of Schrade, The Legendary Black Dragon, Legend of Flight
Japanese: 黒龍
Korean: 흑룡
General Information
Species: Elder Dragon
Element/s: Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon Dragon
Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fire
Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 IconStatus Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon Black Flame (MHF-G)
Ailment/s: Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fireblight (MH4)
Status Effect-Severe Fireblight MH4 Icon Severe Fireblight (MH4)
Dragonblight Dragonblight / Severe Dragonblight (MH4)
Weakest to: Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon Dragon
Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fire
Weakness Sign: None
Signature Move: Snap and Drag
Habitats: Castle Schrade
Monster Size: Very Large
Monsters in Relation: Crimson Fatalis
White Fatalis
Dire Miralis
Generation: First

Fatalis is the end-game Large Monster for Monster Hunter. It is one of the three Elder Dragons in the original Monster Hunter, the others being Lao-Shan Lung and Kirin. The first of the Fatalis brethren.



Fatalis is extremely hostile to all living creatures, especially humans. It is also fiercely territorial.


The setting is at night in Castle Schrade. This region has become the primary habitat range of Fatalis. It will venture outward in search of food, only to later return to the castle to sleep.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

G-Rank Fatalis (Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine)

FrontierGen-Fatalis Render 001

The G-Rank Fatalis of Monster Hunter Frontier G was initially revealed on the Monster Hunter Frontier G3 official website. It is fought at Castle Schrade as a Conquest War Quest Monster. It was released in Monster Hunter Frontier G3.1 at January 8, 2014.

Apart from a few key differences, it has six horns instead of the Fatalis's four horns, and the chest now is glowing faint blue, which is possibly the new element Black Flame. It utilizes new and unique attacks.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MH1 (2004) Logo-MH1 (2004) Logo-MH4U (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Question Mark Icon A legendary black dragon said to have prowled these lands from the days of old. Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge it, but none ever return. A monster shrouded in mystery...
Monster Hunter 4
MH4-Question Mark Icon 古くから語り継がれている伝説の龍。 数多のハンター達が幾度も闘いを挑んだというが…。 全ては謎につつまれている。
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Question Mark Icon Stories of this legendary dragon date back to antiquity. Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge it, but none have ever returned. A monster shrouded in mystery...
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter Frontier G
MHFG-Question Mark Icon (?)

Music Themes

MH: Fatalis & Crimson Fatalis Music Theme


  • Fatalis is taken from "fata", Latin for destiny, or fate. Its original name in Japanese version is Mirabilis, which is Latin for miraculous.
  • Fatalis is immune to any traps or hand thrown bombs (Flash Bombs, Sonic Bombs, etc.), although Barrel Bombs affect it, and it can be put to sleep, paralyzed or poisoned.
  • If enough damage is done to Fatalis it will be in rage until it dies.
  • When it's doing its Snap and Drag attack getting into contact with ANY of its body parts (including the long tail) will result in high damage/death.
  • Shooting it with the Ballista, cannon, or any other projectile when it is flying can cause it to fall.
  • The face/head is the weakest part of Fatalis.
  • One can lure the Fatalis to move towards the courtyard by ground instead of air, which will then cause the gate to fall on it, inflicting damage and giving hunters some time to attack fiercely.
  • It will flee three times (after or on 25 min. for each quest) and the fourth time is often the killing quest.
  • Fatalis can be carved nine times, 3 times on the lower body, 3 times on the upper body and 3 times on the head.

  • To unlock Fatalis, all online quests from 1* to 6* have to be completed and it is believed that 100 large monster kills was also needed.
  • Fatalis can no longer be fought because it was online only, and the server was shut down.

  • Undertake all Training School Battle Training quests, 1 weapon per creature in the special quests, and 1 weapon per creature in the group quests(which can be beaten solo), then unlock HR6, and speak to the 2nd Guild Lady to accept the quest.

  • Players simply have to complete each solo Battle Training Quest monster once, with any weapon.
    • For the G-Level Fatalis, you have to complete one of each G Training Quest with any weapons.

  • Fatalis is unlocked upon reaching HR70
  • Fatalis is fought in front of the gate of Castle Schrade.
  • Fatalis has two new attacks reminiscent of the fire dragons Teostra and Lunastra. It now has a flame breath attack with extended range compared to the fire dragons'. It also can release reactive powder around its general vicinity and ignite it, causing a large explosion to occur.
    • It also has an attack similar to Dire Miralis, in which it releases a powerful fireball in front of it that explodes on impact.
  • Its health has been reduced from previous iterations to compensate, though it will still flee after a certain threshold of time and damage is surpassed.
  • When Fatalis is performing its signature Snap and Drag attack, it will no longer deal full damage with every part of its body; touching its tail or hind legs will still knock you back, but will only deal minor damage.
  • Fatalis' head may be ridden in the manner of most other monsters backs.

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