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In-Game Information

FrontierGen-Farunokku Icon


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Bird Wyvern
  • Family: Hypnoc

The Farunokku is a brightly feathered and beautiful Bird Wyvern. It is closely related to the Hypnocatrice.

Habitat Range

Farunokku are mostly seen inhabiting the lush Great Forest where food and water is plentiful. But they have also been seen in the harsh Desert as well. It is unknown why the creatures voluntarily go to such a barren place.

Ecological Niche

The diet of these bird wyverns consist of fruits, stems, nuts, plants, fish, small animals, fresh meat, and carrion. They compete with Hypnocatrice since both species occupy the same niche and feed on many of the same things. While not major predators Farunokku are still susceptible of being attacked by predators due to their bright plumage. Attackers consist of Velocidrome, Yian Garuga, Tigrex, Hyujikiki, Mi Ru, Abiorugu and Zinogre. If confronted by fearsome predators such as these many would think the bird wyverns are totally defenseless. However Farunokku are capable of giving off powerful electrical attacks that can seriously injure if not kill an attacker. Sometimes the bird wyverns will even attack animals with fur like Kelbi or Bullfango, electrocute them to death, and then eat them.

Biological Adaptations

The yellow mane and feathers of this creature are specialized to produce static electricity, even at the slightest movement. The reason being is that the feathers and hairs are also very dry to the touch, thus making it prone static electricity. From their the color of their feathers, they use their feathers for both display and to camouflage themselves in areas with lots of foliage.

When hunting, they will grab prey with their claws before shocking them to death with their powerful electrical shocks.


Farunokku are relatively calm and somewhat curious creatures if left alone, but when attacked they will defend themselves aggressively. Some have even been seen chasing after their attackers for miles. While their plumage can attract predators they can also serve as a warning sign. During the Breeding Season, males will put on displays for females. If two males are after the same female, they will compete against each other by dancing in order to show who has the superior display methods. Strangely, Farunokku are known to sometimes breed with Hypnocatrice. It is unknown how their offspring look like.


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