Fanged Wyverns (Japanese: 牙竜種 Garyūshu) are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. They are known for being Fanged Beast-like Wyvern monsters that have highly developed limbs. Up until the Fifth Generation, the only known species of these wyverns were Zinogre and its subspecies. More recently, Tobi-Kadachi, Jagras, and the Great Jagras were introduced, although they are more reptilian in nature when compared to their kin. With the new addition to this classification, the common traits of Fanged Wyverns are narrowed to being quadrapedal and having wingless limbs, while other body structure may vary; some like Girros and Tobi-Kadachi anchor their weight completely on their limbs pointing downward, while Great Jagras ocassionaly drags its body with limbs spreading to the sides, not unlike Leviathans.

Third Generation Fanged Wyverns

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  • Fanged Wyverns were introduced in the Third Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Fanged Wyvern existed in the Generations prior to Third and in Monster Hunter Orage.
  • There are currently no new Fanged Wyverns in Monster Hunter Online series.