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Fanged Wyverns (Japanese 牙竜種) are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. They are known for being Fanged Beast-like Wyvern monsters. The only known species of these wyverns are Zinogre and its subspecies.

Third Generation Fanged Wyverns

Fourth Generation Fanged Wyverns

Frontier Generation Fanged Wyverns

Monster Hunter Online Fanged Wyverns

None / Unconfirmed.

Monster Hunter Explore Fanged Wyverns


  • Fanged Wyverns were introduced in the Third Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Fanged Wyvern existed in the Generations prior to Third and in Monster Hunter Orage.
  • There are currently no new Fanged Wyverns in Monster Hunter Online series.

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