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1[Monster Log -Fallen Objects-]

This is the manuscript of the... How should I say... Rival... Of the 2nd generation Hero of Kokoto. It is a summary of the knowledge and experiences I've gained with regards to monster behavior.

2Ladies and Gentlemen! You have all seen shiny objects fall to the ground while fighting a monster, have you not? These are called Fallen Objects. If a monster carries out a specific action, chances are that it will lose objects such as scales or things it was holding on to.
3The clearest example of this is with the Felyne. If attacked by a hunter, they will run away.Dropping anything that they were carrying at the time behind. This is often a Felvine or Secret Pouch; however, there are other treasures it can leave behind. If you find Fallen Objects, it is your duty to investigate them.
4My research has concluded that the actions needed to cause an object to fall depend on each monster. Some may drop things when spooked, while others are prone to dropping things when relaxed. Of course it goes without saying that they will not drop things 100% of the time. However certain actions create a higher chance of falling objects.
5To give a basic example, take the Yian Kut-Ku: it tends to drop things when surprised. To surprise a Kut-Ku, use this hint, Look at its large ears: If you can cause a large sound in front of these ears... Oops..that is a bit more than a hint, isn't it!?
6On the other hand the Daimyo Hermitaur tends to drop things while relaxing after a meal. Some hunters have seen the spectacle of a Hermitaur eating, its pincers prying at the ground unaware it is being observed. Should you find yourself in this position, wait until the beast has finished its meal and see if you can reap the rewards of stealth.
7Fallen Objects can include monster materials, as well as a surprisingly large number of Account Items. For instance: the Secret Pouch I mentioned earlier, or Wyvern Tears taken from flying wyverns. These items command princely sums of money when sold, so keep your eye out for them.
8The most important thing to have when obtaining Fallen Objects is a thorough understanding of a monster's behavior and ecology, much like myself. You must carefully observe monster kind. It will benefit you not only in slaying the beasts, but it is also essential in developing the skills to become the ultimate first-class hunter! Just like me!

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