F Chun Palico Armor
General Information
MH4U-Palico Equipment Render 011
Target Small First
Rarity 8
Total Defenses
Defense 199
Health +8
Fire Resistance 10
Water Resistance 0
Thunder Resistance -4
Ice Resistance 14
Dragon Resistance -10
Armor Pieces
Piece Defense Health Resistances
Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
Palico Head Icon White Head 79 +3 5 0 -2 7 -5
Palico Torso Icon White Torso 120 +5 5 0 -2 7 -5


Materials Required Cost
Palico Head Icon White
Interpol Badge x2
Palico Torso Icon White
Interpol Badge x2
Total Materials Required:

Interpol Badge x4

Total Cost:



Image Name Description
Palico Head Icon White Wiki F Chun Chignon Pure white buns that protect the sensitive ears of a Palico. Very cute design.
Palico Torso Icon White Wiki F Chun Attire A slitted dress, allowing the wearer to unleash stylish kicks with ease.


  • This Palico Armor is part of the collaboration event with Street Fighter.