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The Eternal Strife G is a Sword and Shield type weapon


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

SnS-Icon Eternal Strife G / (?) (MHFU)
Weapon512 Attack 196 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Dragon 520 100,000z N/A
Affinity 0% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness BredTredToraSyelMgreSbluSwhi Commendation S (1)
Sm Ancient Stone (3)
ElderDragonBlood (10)
Big Wyvern Stone (3)
Slots ---
Bonus None
Rarity 9
Description Sword Made with the newest crafting methods. It looks the same, but it's G-Level.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> SnS-Icon Eternal Strife G >> Upgraded Into
None None
MHF2 and MHFU: Sword and Shield / Dual Sword Tree


  • The G-Level version of Eternal Strife.
  • Amazing dragon element let down by mediocre attack. Identical to the Indigo Ogre Sword in stats except the lack of two slots and much easier to make.

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