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In-Game Information

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The Espinas Rare Species is a Rare Species of Espinas. It is unknown if the Espinas Rare Species is truly a separate species or not.

Habitat Range

The Espinas Rare Species has only ever been seen at the top of Great Forest Peak.

Ecological Niche

The Espinas Rare Species preys upon Mosswine in its home, though it has to compete with other large predators. These predators include  Kuarusepusu, Rathian, Diorekkusu, Howling Zinogre and Doragyurosu.

Biological Adaptations

The Espinas Rare Species has many of the same adaptions as Espinas. Unlike Espinas, the Espinas Rare Species is a pearly white color. This Espinas is described to be beautiful and poisonous. Poisons from the Espinas Rare Species is enough to kill in just ten minutes. Even simply tearing of some of the thorns is enough to make a creature sick. This Espinas is also more skilled in flying compared to its cousins. The most well-known thing about the Espinas Rare Species is its Hellfire! This fire can actually scorch the whole area and poison it with its poisonous miasma. A rare stone is produced inside its body that allows it to produce this attack.


The Espinas Rare Species is far more aggressive than the Espinas and Espinas Subspecies. The Espinas Rare Species is known to become enraged the moment it wakes up.