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Epioth Topics:

English Name: Epioth
Nicknames: None
Titles:  ?
Romaji: Epiosu
Japanese Name: エピオス
Japanese Title:  ?
Korean Name: N/A
Description and Information
Species: Herbivore
Element/s: Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 Icon Water
Ailment/s: None
Weakest to: Unknown
Weakness Sign: None
Signature Move: None
Habitats: Deserted Island, Flooded Forest
Size: Small
Monsters in Relation: None
Chronological Appearances
First US/EU Appearance: Logo-MH3 EN (2010)
First JP Appearance: Logo-MH3 JP (2009)
Latest Appearance: Logo-MH3U (2013)
Generation: Third

Epioth are peaceful, aquatic herbivores first seen in Monster Hunter 3.

3rdGen-Epioth Render 001


Being very timid creatures, they will generally flee when attacked. However, they will occasionally fight back with slams and tail slaps. These however are not strong and they are easily brought down.

They will swim around underwater and occasionally come to the surface. They only occasionally stop, allowing hunters to attack.


They swim in small groups in both the ocean off the Deserted Island (Areas 10 and 11) and the underwater areas of the Flooded Forest.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3
MH3-Epioth Icon Submissive, water dwelling herbivores that subsist on water grasses and moss. Epioth frequently surface to sunbathe. Extremely timid, they panic when danger is near, swimming about in a haphazard fashion.
Monster Hunter 3 G / Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Epioth Icon 水中に生息し、水草や苔などを主食とするおとなしい草食竜。しばしば水面にまであがってきて、日光浴を楽しむ様子が見られる。また、大変臆病な性格で、身の危険を感じるとパニック状態になり、無茶苦茶に泳ぎ回る。
Submissive, water-dwelling herbivores that subsist on water grasses and moss. Epioth surface frequently to sunbathe. Extremely timid, they panic when danger is present, swimming about in haphazard fashion.
Threat Level (危険度):


  • Epioth, if unthreatened, will occasionally come to the surface for air.
  • When a large monster is in the same zone, they will swim corkscrews rapidly, sometimes causing an obstruction.
  • Epioth closely resemble the real world plesiosaurs; they sport long necks and tails, small heads, and four fingered flippers.

  • Strangely, in the demo, this creature can be carved to obtain Ludroth items.

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