Epic Hunting Quests are the quests first appears at Monster Hunter Freedom Unite where the hunters must hunt two or even more large monsters.


Unlike the original Hunting Quests, the large monsters in this quest appears one by one, after the hunter kills or captures the first monster. For Example, an epic hunting quest monsters are Tigrex, Nargacuga and Rajang, so the Nargacuga will appears few moments later after the hunter hunts the Tigrex. Then, the Rajang appears after the hunter hunts the Nargacuga. Also, if you carve the monsters, you will obtain Mega Potions for the large monsters and Rations for the small monsters instead of the monster's materials. However, the monsters material will received at the reward payment. The monsters in these quests are also more weaker than the original. The reward for these quests can reach 10.500z or more, depending on the monsters and the quests level.

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