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1[Practical Hunting -Elder Dragon Info-]

While the Guild does provide Quests to experienced hunters that involve the slaying of elder dragons, these Quests have a number of very specific points with which they differ from normal Quests. These points have been collected here for the benefit of all hunters.

2This section of information will cover the elder dragons known as Kushala Daora, Lunastra, Teostra, and Chameleos. The elder dragons not listed here are so unique that special sections have been devoted to their further study.
3Elder dragons, when compared to standard monsters, are so enormous and powerful that oftentimes they cannot be slayed in the span of a Quest. Elder dragons are also aware of the damage they take during battle, and are gifted with the mobility to flee an area should they feel endangered.
4Elder dragons are known to cycle among a variety of locations. Should the Guild obtain this information, it would be able to initiate Quests that continue the fight against the beasts. However, High Rank and Low Rank Quests against elder dragons feature separate species, so those wishing to chase down a dragon, must select the proper rank of Quest.
5Unfortunately, the Guild is not fully aware of all elder dragon habitats. Also, compared to wyverns, the elder dragon population is low, meaning one is not always able to initiate a slaying Quest versus these monsters. As with Kirin Quests, which is also an elder dragon, the Guild recommends giving these Quests preference whenever they are available.
6The research into elder dragons is never-ending (or so says the Elder Dragon Observation Center, who feel that the spring of knowledge never goes dry, and that uncovering one mystery will just lead to the discovery of the next...], and thus there are many points with regards to elder dragons that remain a mystery.
7Reports point to evidence that poisoning the body of a Kushala Daora will limit its ability to control the wind. But it is a matter of debate as to whether this power comes from its horns or its tail. We are also unsure whether the power of the horns to regenerate is too great, or whether the beast must first be weakened before removing the tail.
8Just like Kushala Daora, many other species of elder dragon have many question marks besides their behaviors, attack methods, weak elements and weak points. That is why those on elder dragon Quests should not expect our normal level of exemplary support. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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