Elder Dragons (Japanese 古龍種) are a class of monsters introduced in the first generation. This class is made up of rare, elusive monsters that have lived eternally since ancient times, that are able to bring destruction to whole ecosystems.

First Generation Elder Dragons

Second Generation Elder Dragons

Third Generation Elder Dragons

Fourth Generation Elder Dragons

Fifth Generation Elder Dragons

Frontier Generation Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter Online Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter Explore Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter Stories Elder Dragons

Monster Hunter Orage Elder Dragons


  • Uniquely, many Elder Dragons can be repelled and retain the damage dealt to them for the next time they are fought, allowing one specific dragon to be fought over multiple quests.
  • Elder Dragons exhibit a wide variety of body types not found in other classes, the most common being a quadrupedal entity with a long tail and a pair of wings. For this reason, Kirin, Yama Tsukami, and Nakarkos were placed in the Elder Dragon category.
  • Elder Dragons can't be trapped in pitfall traps or in shock traps, making them impossible to capture.
  • Despite Shagaru Magala being classified as an Elder Dragon, its juvenile form Gore Magala is classified as a "???" Type. However, Gore Magala has Wyvern-specific loot, such as Wyvern Tears, and can be captured.
  • In the past, some Elder Dragons were worshipped as gods; however, in the present, the Guild marked them as threats to the ecosystem.
  • When an Elder Dragon is present on a standard hunting ground, all small monsters except Neopterons are absent.

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