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Egyurasu Topics:

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Egyurasu are a small species of Flying Wyvern, recently discovered by the Hunter's Guild. This species greatly resembles the Snake Wyvern known as Remobra, making some believe they are closely related.

Habitat Range

Egyurasu have been found living in large numbers in the Cloud Viewing Fortress.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown how Egyurasu fit into the ecological niche, though it could be said that they have one predator to try to avoid. This predator is Guanzorumu.

Biological Adaptions

Egyurasu are able to breath large streams of fire at enemies, rivaling the fire-breathing abilities of some larger Flying Wyverns. Much like Remobra, Egyurasu prefer to constantly fly around with their large wings. Unlike the Remobra, however, they are capable of using their foot talons to pick up prey roughly their size.


Egyurasu are timid in nature and rarely target larger monsters. Egyurasu are most well-known for having a symbiotic relationship with the Elder Dragon, Guanzorumu. They respond to all of Guanzorumu's calls, help it in battle against any threats, and even help it perform certain attacks. From their unique relationship with this Elder Dragon, Egyurasu are viewed as Guanzorumu's servants.


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