Eclipse Gunlance
Eclipse-gunlance Attack 506 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Shelling Wide 4 141,750z 94,500z
Special StatusEffect05 Poison 150 Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Affinity 25% L. Narga Shard x7
L. Narga Tailspear x4
L. Narga Dapples x5
Cloudy Moonshard x1
L. Narga Shard x5
Nargacuga Lash x3
L. Narga Dapples x4
Hvy L. Narga Fang x3
Sharpness Irongl-sharp13
Slots ---
Def Bonus N/A
Rarity 10
Description (?)
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Eclipse Gunlance >> Upgrades Into
Fading Night Alioth's Asterism
Gunlance Weapon Tree

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