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-Guide By Blue Jinouga

The key to fighting this beast is timing. His attacks do extremely high damage, however they take time to perform. Try not to dodge too much, his size can sometimes be too big for the camera, which can get you lost sometimes.

Okay, now for the actual guide.

Look for him in the largest areas in the map, for example, when you fight him in the Flooded Forest, he will usually be in larger areas. When you battle him in area 7, he will not walk to the next area, he will dig, He will be in area 6, so don't go looking around in other areas. When you battle him in the Mountain Stream, he will usually begin in area 5 and wander to area 4 and 6. I would recommend armor with high defense, as most of his attacks (If not, all) don't have any elements. I would recommend Jewels that Increase your maximum HP, or increases your Maximum Stamina because you will be running and doging a lot.

Now for his attacks, Duramboros' attacks mainly involve his tail, or his horns. I recommend attacking his sides so that you may avoid his damage. His tail can be cut off but, it has to be broken first. Also, it can only be mined even after it has been severed, so bring a pickaxe! They supply you with one at the start of the mission. Bring 10 Potions, 10 Mega Potions, 10 Herbs, 10 Blue mushrooms.

Avoid his tail, it has long range and does high damage. When he jumps, try to avoid his landing, you can see by the shadows and you can tell where he is going to land, and when he does, you can attack his head.

With his horns broken, proceed to attack the sides, be careful though, sometimes he will begin to go into rage, you can tell if you see froth around his mouth (Not drool, that just means he needs to eat wood).

After minutes, he will begin to limp, you will notice that he will fall over often, remember, there is nothing better than a dying, exhausted beast. Now is a good time to use your trap. Plant it somewhere near him, I recommend planting right after he jumps and falls over, it takes time for him to recover.

When he is finally, dead, you can carve him, he has 4 carves. Expect to get a lot of rewards after the kill, well thanks for reading my guide and I hope you get good carves! :)

(Ps. His gauntlets require bulldrome pelts, but that's easy to get)

-Another Guide made by -kIdMohawk-

GS guide for the Duramboros

Requirements for the battle: 10x Potions, 5-10x Mega potions, 5-10x Whetstones, 3-7x Well-done Steaks3x Psycoserums, Extra Paintballs,1x Any type of pickaxe

For Captureing purpose: 2x Traptools, 2x Nets (for Extra Pitfalltraps) or 2x Thunderbugs (For Extra Shocktraps), 1x Pitfall trap, 1x Shocktrap, 1x Flute, 3-5x Tranquilizer bombs, 5x Flashbombs

Now For the Guide You just wat to get all the needed things in the Supply Box. Eat 2 Rations after you got it from the supply box or eat a Well-done steak if you brung some, You could find the Duram in area 4 In the flooded forest and area 5 or 6 in the Mountain Stream or you could just drink a Psycoserum.

After you see it either do a charge 2 or 3 attack on its head or paint it before it roars.Then i would suggest on focusing on its tail or its head, If you go for the head you can break the horns if you go for the tail you can break it then mine on it and cut a small part of it and get 1 extra carve.

The Duramboros' charge attack is similar to the barroths charge when it puts its head to the ground and charges toward the hunter it can be easily avoided by rolling 2 times to the right after its charge attack its tail smashes the ground doing damage, another attack is when the Duramboros walks backwards to the hunter and pounds its tail on the ground either from left to right or just straight avoided by rolling towards it or to the left, another attack is when the Duramborosspins around first it would walk a few steps back then hit its tail on the ground it would either fling it tail toward you, jump up and land causing an opening for the tail and the head or it can cancel it be just stoping its tail from spining, the safest place to be is either away from it or under it whick is more risky but there is a 80% chance of jumping up and leave an opening just be sure to dodge it. just repeat this process .

After breaking its horns, cutting and mining on its tail you go and break the last breakable part its humps you can only gain access to its humps when its stamina is low and it falls over when it tries to do the spining move (throwing a flashbomb while its spinning also causes it to fall over regardless of stamina level and if its enraged) or when you set a pitfall trap when you set a pitfall trap you can gain access to the smaller hump after breaking all things you can now focus on killing or capturing it when it is low on stamina it will feed on wood leaving an opening for a Charge 3 attack.

Dealing a lot of damage a signal for ready to capture is when it limps, I would suggest capturing it because its muck easier and you get more items, for capture you should set a pitfall trap or a shock trap then throw 2 Tranq Bombs then quest clear. for kill just attack from the side until it dies and avoid attacks by rolling or running away.

(Hope this helped you on hunting a Duramboros)

Happy hunting!

Guide by Darkslayer

Hello fellow hunters, this is the perfect guide for frustrated people who have been grinding away at Duramboros for weeks on end but always running out of time (he does have a health bar that's larger than a swimming pool).

Here was the equipment I prepared for my winning run (I killed him with it):


  • 10 Potions
  • 10 Mega Potions
  • 1 Pitfall Trap
  • 1 Shock Trap (You want as much traps as possible)
  • 2 Trap Tool
  • 1-2 Nets or
  • 1-2 Tunderbugs (Assemble these to make traps on site)
  • 10 Might Seeds
  • 10 Adamant Seeds
  • 5 Flash Bombs
  • Extra Paint Bombs (you can never have enough)

When Duramboros starts twirling, wait until his tail fully stretches out and throw the flash bomb, this will cause him to fall over. But if I am not mistaken, the flash bombs stop having any effect on him after you use them two times. Now including the EZ Pifall Trap from supplies you should have a total of 5 traps, two of which you can assemble on site.


  • Wroggi Sword

Duramboros is insanely weak to poison, you dont have to use the wroggi sword, just any weapon with high poison will do.

  • Rathian Set

Since Duramboros hits like a truck, you will want that +40 health boost ;)

  • A ton of Standfast decorations

All of Duramboros attacks have stun ailment, which usually happens when you are at around 50% health (I got stunned two times in a row once and got KOed). Standfast charms lower the chance of being stunned drastically, one or two Recovery 2 charms might help with the Rathian Set's Recovery Down effect.

With our preparations ready, go to the canteen and eat up, now lets beat that big grassy ass up!

As Blue Jinnouga said, timing is everything. Here are some do and don'ts:


  • Stay to the side, preferably to the side of his legs.
  • Roll a lot (I'm a genius)
  • Get one light attack in every time you dodge one of his attacks
  • If he starts curling up his tail, either stick to his legs and wail at them or sheath your weapon and run for your life (escape the area if necessary).
  • If you stuck to his legs: If he doesn't fall over and jumps, run for your life (roll if necessary) (If he does a horizontal jump at you, bad luck)
  • If you ran for your life, sheath your weapon and prepare to run back if he does the vertical jump and get ready to roll if he jumps AT you.
  • Painball him every time he changes two areas.
  • Hack at his humps if he topples.
  • Keep hacking at his humps if you broke them.
  • Always sharpen your weapons if they get blunt.


  • Stand in front of him (general rule for all monsters in RPGs like Dark

Souls or that kind of stuff)

  • Stand under his tail (go figure)
  • Forget to heal

It's easier for Duramboros to stun you when you are at low health so watch out)

  • Forget to eat your seeds (they give you buffs)
  • Set your traps near the walls of areas

Especially at the cliff at Area 7, tried to back off after setting it and ended up running of the cliff, you do have to swim all the way back so beware.

  • Stay too far from him (If he does his vertical jump then you are going to miss out on a lot of free hits)

Now for combat information: Duramboros usually uses his tail for attacks, except for his charge and his body slam. His charge is like the Barroth's but with less distance, providing you upgrade your armor enough, eat at the canteen and eat your seeds it shouldn't take hurt too much. Same thing for the body slam. Now for the tail, which can do a double slam, a tail whip (long windup, I never got hit by that once) and its signature ballerina spin. For the tail slam, you will see him walk over you until his tail is directly above you, just run back to his legs and combo it once (dont get greedy). If you cant do that, run directly opposite to him, because his tail slams hit slightly right then left. For the tail whip, I never saw how much damage it does, it has a long windup which he drags his tell around him for a second and whips it around REALLY fast. And for the ballerina spin, it has the same windup as the tail whip. If you are close to his legs just wail at them and he might fall over- giving you a chance to break his humps, if you are not close enough just run for your life or throw a flash bomb at him which will make him fall over- but it only works two times. After spinning he will either launch himself directly up which gives you plenty of chances to wail at him or he will throw himself at you, so be ready to dodge.

That's it! Happy Hunting!

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