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1[Practical Hunting Lecture -Melee Weapons-]

You have gathered up materials and money, but you have no idea what weapon you should make... There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover Dual Blades.

2There are many people who discount Dual Blades because they cannot guard and their Sharpness decreases quickly; however, they are actually remarkable weapons. It's true that they can't guard and their Sharpness drops quickly, but they makes up for it with a variety of improvements, attributes, and Demonization.
3Dual Blades are notable for many different abilities. By pressing the [R] button, you can enter into Demonization mode. In this mode, in exchange for consuming Stamina, you can unleash a stunning array of combination attacks. Most notable is the destructive Frenzy attack that can be launched by pressing the PSTRI button + PSO button.
4If you unleash a Frenzy attack when a monster is paralyzed or immobilized in a Pitfall Trap, it will be devastatingly effective. Add a Power Juice to maintain your Stamina, and no enemies will survive before your Dual Blades.
5Sharpness is quick to drop, but even if Sharpness drops, or the attack is broken, attribute attacks are still likely to cause damage. Compared to a Sword, Dual Blades do not have many Poison or Paralysis attacks; however, they do have more than enough models capable of attribute attacks like Water or Fire.
6Another point worth mentioning is the large number of improvement routes, especially compared with other weapons. Dual Blades are made as an evolution of Swords. Comparatively speaking, since they are made from easy to obtain Swords, Dual Blades are remarkable weapons.
7Now I would like to talk about a few Dual Blades that you can attain without a high Hunter's Rank. First, I would like to discuss the Cyclone, powerful Dual Blades created from a Sword made from Iron and strengthened. These blades are made without monster materials, instead using Iron and Machalite Ores. Thanks to this, their Sharpness is unimpeachable.
8Next I'd like to talk about Gradios. Made from a base of Monster Bone and strengthened with Rathalos and Rathian materials, the blades still have room for improvement, even while sporting a strong Fire attribute. By collecting the proper materials, there is no doubt these blades will become incredibly powerful.
9Finally, let's discuss the Dromenail. Starting with a Sword crafted from Velociprey, the Serpent Bite, and then combined with a Velocidrome Claw and other strong wyvern materials, this attribute-less weapon has incredible strength and Sharpness.
10Easy to obtain, with devastating combos and attribute attacks. These are the strong points of Dual Blades. Care to take a set for a spin?

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