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In-Game Information

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The Disufiroa is part of the Elder Dragon class and a very powerful one at that. It is believed to be closely related to the Alatreon of the New World and are said to have the same ancestor.

Habitat Range

Disufiroa have mainly been seen in the desolate and dreary World's End, but have been reported to be found in the Volcano.

Ecological Niche

It is currently unknown where these dragons are in the food chain, but it is said that Disufiroa and Shantien are fierce enemies.

Biological Adaptations

Disufiroa are capable of controlling fire and ice at the same time. The combination of these two elements creates the powerful Frozen Seraphim Element. The dragons are able to use ice by utilizing their horn to control cold air and heated fire produced by their bodies and as a result the ice and fire attacks are constantly conflicting with each other. Disufiroa scales are unique due to the fact that the red scales are scorching hot, while the white scales are ice cold to the touch. They must maintain control of a balance of Ice and Fire or they will die from being unstable as most commonly seen is death by loss of ice control. However, some Disufiora have found ways to free themselves from this ice when near death.


Like most Elder Dragons, Disufiroa are quite aggressive though more destructive than most others.