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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Weapons

Sword and Shield
MH3U-Sword and Shield Render 061
Megiddo Edge
Indent01 The Mornifestation
Dual Blades
MH3U-Dual Blades Render 049
Megiddo Nova
Indent01 The Fistolution
Great Sword
MH3U-Great Sword Render 050
Megiddo Blaze
Indent01 The Depotheosis
Long Sword
MH3U-Long Sword Render 046
Megiddo Katana
Indent01 The Adjudition
MH3U-Hammer Render 056
Meggido Core
Indent01 The Anteferno
Hunting Horn
Guran HH MH3G krakencm
Megiddo Mode
Indent01 The Apocalypso
Guran Lance MH3G krakencm
Megiddo Spire
Indent01 The Immaelestrom
Guran Gun lance MH3G krakencm
Megiddo Forge
Indent01 The Disasualty
Switch Axe
MH3U-Switch Axe Render 048
Megiddo Crest
Indent01 The Crimsidian
Light Bowgun
(?) (?)
Heavy Bowgun
Guran Heavy bow gun MH3G krakencm
The Hexclamation
Guran bow MH3G krakencm
Megiddo Phoenix
Indent01 The Rysurrection


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