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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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Some legends consider this great dragon to be the devil fated to destroy the world, while others claim it is the giant who birthed creation. Is there any way for mere humans to quell its unending rage?


Dire Miralis is classified as an Elder Dragon due to it being able to cause natural disasters. Like Fatalis, this monster was considered non-existent to the guild until its recent reappearance. Dire Miralis are even said to be the Incarnation of the Fatalis.

Habitat Range

Dire Miralis has only been encountered in the Tainted Sea, but it is said in old tales that the Dire Miralis may venture to islands causing total destruction as far as sinking small islands.

Ecological Niche

Dire Miralis has never been seen to interact with other monsters. However, from the way its teeth are designed it could be assumed that Dire Miralis is of a carnivorous nature.

Biological Adaptations

The overall body shape of Dire Miralis is very similar to the stance of Fatalis. However, unlike Fatalis, this monster lacks the ability to fly, though it has wings. The wings of Dire Miralis have formed into specialized plates that releases magma, ejecting it into the atmosphere. This allows for Dire Miralis to summon meteors from the sky, raining down on all foes around it. Due to the hot fluids inside of Dire Miralis, an intense heat is known to come from its body, boiling any sources of water around it. This intense heat can easily wipe out all living creatures within Dire Miralis's range.

Interestingly, long after a Dire Miralis dies, its heart continues to beat even if removed--just as legend states. It is said that Dire Miralis can regenerate its whole body with its heart alone, and that Dire Miralis is even immortal.


Dire Miralis is extremely hostile to all living things and can destroy an entire ecosystem just from its intense heat. A Dire Miralis actually destroyed the Tainted Sea and killed all living things in the area, filling the water with blood, until it was driven off in ancient times. This monster is one that many hunters don't live to tell about.