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Item List

Unique Materials that are obtainable from a Dire Miralis in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Japanese Name Rarity Value Item Description
ItemIcon021i Miralis Evil Eye 8 12400z The ominous eye of a Dire Miralis. Often the last thing a foolhardy hunter will ever witness.
ItemIcon021i Immortal Heart 8 13000z The burning heart of a Dire Miralis. It continues to beat even after the dragon dies.
ItemIcon011h Miralis Scale 8 11000z A fiery black scale from a Dire Miralis. Also called the "burning flower" for its eerie beauty.
ItemIcon021i Miralis Fireback 8 8300z A fiery shell from a Dire Miralis. Made of magma-like fluid that's hot to the touch.
ItemIcon036b Miralis Fireclaw 8 9110z The merciless claw of a Dire Miralis. Burns and slices through its victims like hardened flame.
Ore-Red Gushing Magma 8 7200z A magma-like substance that circulates through the body of a Dire Miralis. Handle with care!
Dire Dragongem 9 31000z A legendary gem expelled from the body of a Dire Miralis. It formed from crystallized magma.
Bomb-Red Miralis Smelter 8 10100z A burning hot core from a Dire Miralis's hips. A magma-like substance swirls inside it.
ItemIcon021i Miralis Hellwing 8 14200z A heavy Dire Miralis wing, used not for flight but to launch scorching hellfire upon foes.

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