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In-Game Information

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  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Family: Rex

Diorekkusu is classified as a Flying Wyvern and is a member of the Tigrex family. This consists of Tigrex, Brute Tigrex and Molten Tigrex.

Habitat Range

So far, these wyverns have only been seen living within the Great Forest near the Great Forest Peak. It is currently unknown if this species lives anywhere else.

Ecological Niche

Like its relatives, Diorekkusu are powerful predators that will prey on the local species of herbivores. Species such as AptonothMosswine, and Kelbi make up much of this predator's diet. Other monsters like HypnocatriceFarunokku, and Velocidrome may also find themselves prey for a Diorekkusu if they venture into the Great Forest. Competitors for food and territory are the Espinas Rare SpeciesKuarusepusuRathian and Doragyurosu.

Biological Adaptations

Unlike the other Tigrex species, Diorekkusu have devastating electrical attacks to combat an enemy. This species also have very soft scales that are a light gray in color. In order to protect themselves from enemies, this species will utilize their powerful magnetism abilities (similar to Rukodiora) to collect ores and form body armor. From the high amounts of electricity stored in a Diorekkusu's body, the collected ore will become blue in color. If struck by an attacker, the ore will gradually fall off the its body. A Diorekkusu will also use its magnetism to increase both the power and speed of its attacks. Older individuals will even use their magnetism to change their surroundings for a period of time in order to overwhelm their prey and enemies. Like its relatives, Diorekkusu have incredibly loud and powerful roars, however, the powerful roar of a Diorekkusu is combined with its electricity make them even more devastating. Inside their bodies, most of the electricity will flow through the head, legs, wings and tail. When charging electricity through these body parts, the ore armor around said area will become weaker.


Diorekkusu are extremely aggressive creatures and is considered to be one of the most deadly Flying Wyverns.


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