Great Sword Icon White
Defender / ディフェンダー

MHST-Great Sword Render 002

Attack: 12
Special: None
Affinity: 3%
Defense: 5
Rarity: 1
Skill: Technique Slash
Description: 盾の役割を果たす大剣。防御に重点を置いたつくりで、持ち主を堅く守り抜くという。

Great Sword made to simultaneously fulfill the role of a shield. Emphasizes defense and the protection of the holder.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Defense: Materials: Cost:
LV1 12 None 3% 5 None 1250z
LV2 21 None 3% 5 Low Rarity Ore materials x10pts 1100z
LV3 32 None 3% 5 Low Rarity Ore materials x15pts
Small Cephalos Scale x10pts
LV4 42 None 3% 5 Low Rarity Ore materials x20pts
Basarios materials x10pts
MAX 52 None 3% 5 Low Rarity Ore materials x30pts
Adamant Seed x5pts

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> Defender >> Upgrades Into:
None Great Sword Icon Red Sentinel (Lv1)
MHST: Great Sword Weapon Tree

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