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So! You've got questions about how to cook up some Decorations, huh!? Very well then! Well, when it comes to crafting Decorations, I would be happy to grace you with my vast knowledge of the topic, but for specific information on the skills, ask someone else!


Let's start with the first Decorations you're likely to encounter. Take the Paralysis Jewel. There are many hunters who face adversity at the hands of a Genprey or Vespoid's paralysis attacks. If they could only trigger Paralysis Negated, they'd have no cause for concern. The Paralysis Jewel is made by combining Suiko Jewel with Genprey Fang.


Eggs can earn you money as Account items, are worth their weight in Pokke Points, and are something every hunter longs to carry. The Backpacker Jewel is a Decoration that helps you carry Eggs and the like by triggering the Backpacking skill. You can make this Decoration by combining a Suiko Jewel with Power Extract and Bone material.


Next up is the Marathon Jewel which can be crafted from Akito Jewel and ores found in the Volcanic Belt. It is an incredibly useful Jewel, as it activates the Runner skill. It lowers the rate at which a hunter loses Stamina making it perfect for users of Hammers Dual Blades, and Bows.


If you're in the Volcanic Belt, you can go looking for a Battlefield Jewel. If you have this, along with materials taken from a violent wyvern often spotted in the Snowy Mountains, you can make the Quick Eater Jewel. It raises your Cooking Skill Points and can trigger the Quick Eating Skill, allowing you to inhale Well-Done or Gourmet Steaks!


Another one of the Decoration precursor Jewels is the Lapis Lazuli Jewel. It can only be obtained during High Rank Quests, but that also means it can create even more powerful Jewels capable of triggering useful skills. Should you get one of these Jewels, you should definitely try using it!


There is a tendency amongst Decoration crafting to combine a Jewel with materials to bring out the same skills as the armor materials that it is being used with. Of course, there are many exceptions to this generalization. The best way to learn the ins and outs is to join forces with the Crafting Shop to craft as many Decorations as possible.

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