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All Areas | Moga Village | Moga Farm | Loc Lac City
Mh3forest Mh3swamp Desert-Area8 FrozenLand-area1 VolcanoPeak
Deserted Island Flooded Forest Sandy Plains Tundra Volcano
Mh3landarena Mh3waterarena UndrWtrRuin-Area3a GreatDesert Godterritory1
Land Arena Water Arena Underwater Ruin Great Desert Sacred Land


All Monsters | All Small Monsters | All Large Monsters
Carves and Rewards: Small Monster Carves | Large Monster Carves
MH3-Felyne Icon MH3-Bnahabra Icon MH3-Aptonoth Icon MH3-Qurupeco Icon MH3-Rathalos Icon
Lynians Neopterons Herbivores Bird Wyverns Flying Wyverns
MH3-Delex Icon MH3-Fish Icon MH3-Lagiacrus Icon MH3-Barroth Icon MH3-Question Mark Icon
Piscine Wyverns Fishes Leviathans Brute Wyverns Elder Dragons


All Weapons
3rdGen-Great Sword Equipment Render 001 3rdGen-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 001 3rdGen-Hammer Equipment Render 001
Great Sword
Tree | Detail | Controls
Sword And Shield
Tree | Detail | Controls
Tree | Detail | Controls
3rdGen-Lance Equipment Render 001 3rdGen-Switch Axe Equipment Render 001 3rdGen-Long Sword Equipment Render 001
Tree | Detail | Controls
Switch Axe
Tree | Detail | Controls
Long Sword
Tree | Detail | Controls
3rdGen-Medium Bowgun Equipment Render 001 MH3-GunStock MH3-GunFrame MH3-GunBarrel
Light | Medium | Heavy
Ammo | Controls
Stock Frame Barrel


All Armors | Armor Skills | Jewel Decorations | Charms / Talismans
Qurupeco-Blademaster Ludroth-Gunner ShadowEye
Low Rank
Blademaster Armors
Low Rank
Gunner Armors
Event Armors
Alatreon-Blade Ibirujo-Gunner WyvernkingEyepatch
Upper Rank
Blademaster Armors
Upper Rank
Gunner Armors
Miscellaneous Armors


All Items | Combination List | Jewel Decorations | Interior Decorations
ItemIcon043c ItemIcon020e ItemIcon033 ItemIcon025
Enhancements and Recovery Items Meat Items Bowgun Ammo Tools and Bombs
ItemIcon052g ItemIcon003a ItemIcon004d ItemIcon001h
Plants Minerals Fish Related Insects


Event Calendar
MH3-chr n01 MH3-chr n03 ItemIcon058 MH3 arena bg a
Village Quests City Quests Event Quests Arena Challenges


Basic Controls | Charms Guide | Awards List | Online Titles | Combination List | Hitzone Charts
MH3-chr n08 MH3-chr n05 MH3-chr n06 MH3-chr n04 MH3-ChaCha
Kitchen Guide Fishery Guide Trading Guide Farm Guide Cha-Cha Guide


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Category: MH3 Monsters

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