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MH4U: Item List

Icon Name Rarity Capacity Sell Value Buy Value
MH4G-Medicine Icon Yellow
Dash Juice
2 x5 29z N/A

Lets you run without tiring for a short period of time.

MH4U Acquirement Methods

MH4U Arena Quests

Arena Quest Name Amount Percentage
Party Challenge 3 x1 35%

MH4U Combinations

Item 1 Item 2 Amount Percentage
Template:I-Catalyst Template:I-Rare Steak x1 75%

MH4U Veggie Elder

Item to Trade Location Percentage
Template:I-Rusted Fragment Any 100%
Template:I-Ancient Fragment Any 100%
Template:I-VE Ticket Frozen Seaway 100%
Template:I-Wyvern Egg Heaven's Mount 100%
None Everwood 5%

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