In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Dark Akantor Fangs Made from Akantor material. The terrifying "living armor" proves one's power.
Dark Akantor Plate Made of Akantor material. Splendid armor with an everlasting dark radiance.
Dark Akantor Gauntlets Made of Akantor. Its black flame can burn the soul, allowing hellfire to enter.
Dark Akantor Sash Made from Akantor. Black and red armor that handles both eruption and earthquake.
Dark Akantor Boots Boots made from Akantor material. Tenacious to use in severe environment.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Dark Akantor Fangs Akantor Claw (2), Akantor Shell (2), Akantor Scale (3), Wyvern Stone (5). 21000z
Dark Akantor Plate Akantor Fang (2), Akantor Shell (3), Akantor Scale (2), Gravios BrainStm (5). 21000z
Dark Akantor Gauntlets Akantor Fang (2), Akantor Shell (2), Akantor Scale (3), Firecell Stone (5). 21000z
Dark Akantor Sash Akantor Spike (2), Akantor Shell (3), Akantor Scale (2), Gold Rajang Pelt (3). 21000z
Dark Akantor Boots Akantor Claw (2), Akantor Shell (2), Akantor Scale (3), FireWyvrn BrnStm (5). 21000z
Total Akantor Claw (4), Akantor Fang (4), Akantor Shell (12), Akantor Scale (12), Akantor Spike (2), Wyvern Stone (5), Gravios BrainStm (5), Firecell Stone (5), Gold Rajang Pelt (3), FireWyvern BrnStm (5). 105000z

Armor Stats

This Armor is widely the best Gunner armors after Rathalos Soul U (Gunner) Set. Like its Blademaster Counterpart, it is moderately hard to create as it takes numerous Wyvern Stones, Gravios Brainstems, Firecell Stones, Gold Rajang Pelts, and Firewyvern Brainstems.

These Armor pieces all have 34 defence as a base number, but can be further increased to their maximum limit.

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Dark Akantor Fangs Capacity +2, Expert +4, HearProtct +1, ShortCharg -2.
Dark Akantor Plate Capacity +2, Expert +2, HearProtct +1, ShortCharg -2.
Dark Akantor Gauntlets Capacity +2, Expert +2, HearProtct +1, ShortCharg -2.
Dark Akantor Sash Capacity +2, Expert +2, HearProtct +1, ShortCharg -2.
Dark Akantor Boots Capacity +2, Expert +4, HearProtct +1, ShortCharg -2.
Total Capacity +10, Expert +14, HearProtct +5, ShortCharg -10.
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Capacity Up: Increases the ammo limit of all available shots by 1 and adds another charge level to bows.
  2. Reckless Abandon+1: Increase affinity by 10%.
  3. Distracted: Increases the charging time of Great Swords, Hammers and Bows.
  • To get Earplug, insert x5 HearProtection to your slots.
  • To get Reckless Abandon +3, insert one Celebrity Jewel in the cincture and one Expert Jewel on any other piece of armor. Alternatively, you can insert four Expert Jewels on any piece of armor.
  • To get Autotracker, you must use a weapon with two slots so you have a total of eight slots. Insert eight Psychic Jewels into all eight slots.
  • It is also possible to obtain Rapid Fire and Load Up with this armor set. Exchange the Dark Akantor Fangs with Barrage Piercing and insert two Speed Fire Jewels into any armor piece. Take note that you will lose Earplug and will not be able to get High Grade Earplug. You can still get Earplug if you use a weapon with at least one slot, and insert four Earplug Jewels into any armor piece.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 3.
  • Torso: 2.
  • Arms: 2.
  • Waist: 2.
  • Legs: 2.

MHFU Changes:

Helm: 1

Torso: 1

Arms: 1

Waist: 2

Legs: 1

Optimal gemming for a bowgun user would be to upgrade Reckless Abandon and gem in Earplugs, for a bow user you may want to gem in Earplugs and remove the distracted, if you have a weapon with one slot you can also gem in Reckless Abandon +2.

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