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MH4U-Great Sword Equipment Render 001

Dalamadur Equipment


Monster Hunter 4 Weapons

Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 053
Amadur Greatsword
Indent01 Amadur Greatsword+
Long Sword
MH4-Long Sword Render 039
Tailblade Mossword
Indent01 Eve Imposing Dimension
Sword and Shield
MH4-Sword and Shield Render 046
Battleworn Protector
Indent01 Unrelenting Compromise
Dual Blades
MH4-Dual Blades Render 049
Blackthorn Bundleblades
Indent01 Universal Rippers
MH4-Hammer Render 052
Swirling Bone Hammer
Indent01 Agonizing Torment
Hunting Horn
MH4-Hunting Horn Render 037
Harboring Warsong
Indent01 Rapture Musica
MH4-Lance Render 043
Hardened Shellspear
Indent01 Derelict Schism
MH4-Gunlance Render 044
Malefic Gunlance
Indent01 Earth Shaking Gunlance
Switch Axe
MH4-Switch Axe Render 040
Sharpscaled Axe
Indent01 Unparalleled Axe
Insect Glaive
MH4-Insect Glaive Render 009
Thornclaw Halberd
Indent01 Thornclaw Halberd+
IndentIndent01 Harmonious Halberd
Heavy Bowgun
MH4-Heavy Bowgun Render 023
Twisted Tailbone Gun
Indent01 Itsutenshikai Zhuourazen
MH4-Bow Render 042
Chest Shellbow
Indent01 Shinsan Demonbow

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapons

Weapons Gallery


Monster Hunter 4 Armor

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Armor

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