This is a must have gun for gunners! This bowgun gained its reputation for being capable of felling G-level wyverns. It is known for taking out khezu and monsters weak to fire. However, because it has rapid fire on flaming S, you will need to reload often.

Main Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two Level Three
Normal S 6 6 -
Pierce S - 4 4
Pellet S - 4 4
Crag S - 1 1
Clust S - 1 1

Attribute Ammo

Ammo Type Level One Level Two
Recovery S - -
Poison S 3 1
Paralysis S - -
Sleep S - -

Elemental/Ability Ammo

Ammo Type Amount
Flame S 3
Water S -
Thunder S 3
Freeze S -
Dragon S -
Tranq S 2
Paint S 2
Demon S -
Armor S -

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