Cheval (Japanese シバル ブラウ) is a monster rider seen living in Hakum Village.

MHST-Cheval Render 001


Cheval is a gentle soul that can turn serious in an instant.


Cheval has always had a strong will to become a monster rider and to bond with all of his monsters. At one point, he lost one of his family members to a Nargacuga covered in a black blight. It was at this point something changed about him.


Cheval wears a band over his red hair, a white shirt, blue pants, and boots. After departing ways from Lute, Lilia and Navirou, Cheval made an Azure Rathalos Blademaster set from the Black Blight's Azure Rathalos he hunted along side his monstie, Rathi the Rathian.